William & Mary, Fordham, Bucknell- which has the greatest presence on the street?

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My main 3 choices for college are William & Mary, Fordham, and Bucknell. I like all three schools equally for different reasons and my determining factor as to which school I attend is which would give me the best career prospects. Could any of these schools be considered semi-targets, or are they decent non-targets? I plan on majoring in econ/finance and I would like to work in investment banking. Any informed advice would be appreciated.

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Jan 23, 2018

William and Mary has some good programs from W&M to Wall Street and some alumni. Fordham has the benefit of being in New York City, you could network like crazy and try to set up coffee chats every week and go HAM!

I do not believe these schools would be considered semi-targets, maybe W&M/Fordham on the low list of a semi-target. I would not go with Bucknell.

Looking back-choosing between those schools will most likely make minute differences where you end up. It will matter how much you want it, and how much networking effort you want to put it. Given you are already thinking about it now as a high schooler is very early.

You could start building up your contacts at W&M or Fordham, right away once you start freshman year and try to get a Sophomore gig lined up.

W&M or Fordham - then you have to put in all the work. Depends on how much you want it, do not think either school has that much of an advantage over the other. They are both extremely different cultures of school though-go to where you think you would enjoy the overall experience more and which school fits you best.

Good luck.

Aug 9, 2018

Bucknell for sure, the best of all 3. Best alumni in New York for top ranked students.

Aug 10, 2018


Aug 10, 2018