Would like to talk with a Canadian investment banker

I would like to ask some questions about the banking industry in canada, banking compensation, and the banking lifestyle.
Here are some of my questions;

What are the best firms to work for in Canada (Toronto specifically) ?

What is the dealflow like?

GoldmanSachs or RBC for a longterm career in TO?

Salaries at different firms ?

Do you get an office, if so when?

And feel free to add as much of your personnal experience as possible!

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Feb 28,2018

Are you an investment banker in Canada?

Feb 28,2018

What's the main difference between IB in Canada and the US?

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Feb 28,2018

Long time lurker, hope this helps...

  1. If you want to remain in TO definitely Big 5. Generally speaking, you'll get a better experience than working at one of the globals. Globals can be a toss up in terms of pitch vs. live deal work (same can be said about some of the Big 5 groups, but usually a safer bet). If you wanted to try and lateral to NYC or move to the buyside in the States, then a brand name like GS or Evercore might be more helpful.
  2. Deal flow is dependent on the group you're in and typically you'll be busy in any product group across the Big 5. In terms of solid coverage groups, BMO M&M, TD/RBC Diversified, TD CMT are ones that come to mind.
  3. Anecdotally, I've heard GS Toronto does a lot of pitching so if you plan on staying in TO, probably better working for the Big 5.
  4. Just like most other places comp is pretty comparable across the street.
  5. Is this really a consideration? Some banks (i.e. RBC) have an open concept so no one gets an office, but usually Director+.

Feel free to PM me if you have more questions.

Feb 28,2018