would you take this offer/advice?

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I'm a junior right now and I already sent out my apps for IB, but my old firm offered to set up a PB internship with a top BB for me

They said that IB is overrated, that the money isn't as good since 08, and the traditional IB -> PE path is a path where fund managers and MDs basically treat you like shit.

They also said that it is more likely for me to own a HF or PE fund by using the family office as a track record instead of climbing the analyst -> PM / VP -> Partner ladder

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Jan 22, 2012

IMO -- You're not going to learn valuation properly unless you do some analyst time at a IB/PE/HF firm. There a very few PE/HF analyst opps out of undergrad, so probably want to rule that out.

If you want to actually own equities, you need to know valuation. This is one of those Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000 hours" things that just takes a lot of time and experience to become a master of.

On the other hand, if your family office just gives money over to other managers, then you probably don't need the valuation skills to select individual equities.

Jan 30, 2012