Writing Essays as a side gig?

Hey Monkeys,

I was thinking about writing finance essays in the weekend for fun (relatively) ez money. Was wondering if any of you do/thought about this as well. Do you guys know where to get these jobs/how much it pays/if I have to let my bank know?


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Aug 21, 2018

Essays like research papers or for others as their coursework?

Aug 21, 2018

I'm thinking both as long as it has sth to do with finance. I think it would be a nice opportunity to brush up on the basics. Pretty sure some of my buddies back in undergrad were using services like these.

Aug 21, 2018

Check out TutorFair. You'll find plenty of people in need to business/finance help for uni. Although you are technically supposed to 'tutor' people, some of the lazier students will pay you a bulk sum to write one of their essays.

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Aug 28, 2018

I did tutoring on the side for a while back during an unpaid internship. Its a good gig with solid pay. I got $20-$40 an hour for it. Have you considered resume writing as well? That also sounds like a pretty attractive route with less work. There is no reason you should have to let your bank know, as long as your never letting it interfere with your work, as it shouldn't.

Sep 6, 2018

I remember when I started at my old bank one of the HR forms I had to fill related to outside compensation/income. This could be different from bank to bank, but I might ask just in case.

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Aug 28, 2018

I did it during undergrad, advertised my services on every website I could. I charged $25/page.

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Aug 21, 2018

That sounds reasonable. Could you share which websites had good hit rates for your ads?

Aug 28, 2018

Ha, when I did it, I used GameFAQs, craigslist, and other message boards. This was quite some time ago, though... Back before electricity, young man, when we had to work on our computers by candlelight!

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Aug 29, 2018

Always loved writing as a hobby growing up as a loner nerd who read way too many books. entering college, i had enough sense to realize i wasn't going to make a great living pursuing it as a career (the historical track record of career writers isn't great) so I sold my soul to finance... but the first few years out of UG were kinda rough. living in one of the most expensive cities in america with a mortgage that was half my after tax income wasn't exactly conducive to my idea of an ideal lifestyle, so i linked up a freelance writing company from a friend who was doing it at the time and wrote everything from short blogs to essays for a few hundred a week. This eventually evolved into white papers for several hundred to a few thousand a pop after several months - these would take me about 10-15 hrs a week. By that time however, work started taking off and the money / time commitment from writing was no longer worth it with pulling 60+hrs/week on top of the shackles of cfa slavery and whatnot, so i reluctantly shelved this in pursuit of the more lucrative bigger picture. a few thousand a month from writing is great and all, but i think cfa and carry in PE is better.

However.... as someone who never imagined that I could get paid real US dollars to write basically as a HOBBY, much less about topics that only required the most basic googling (essentially what i'd done for free all my life in school), it was a fucking dream gig, and was a great way to keep me busy. not to mention i looked at it as a way to teach myself something new on each assignment, which made it all the more satisfying. the ultimate payoff came when some of the topics that i wrote about ended up coming up in an investment context in my current job, which gave me the opportunity me to speak semi intelligently at length about subjects that senior level guys had zero knowledge of.

anyway, would highly recommend if you have any inclination toward writing and learning, or just for staying busy in general.

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Sep 1, 2018

If you know what you're doing, it's a worthwhile side gig because you can upcharge kids from top schools because they're too lazy to Google anything. I don't remember if it was 2012 or 2013, but I wrote a final paper for an NYU junior. He needed a summary of the housing crisis for his econ final. Charged him $250. He initially complained about the price and I told him, "Do you need help on the supply and demand chapter too?" Paid me, knocked it out in 3 hours, got him an A. Wrote a few more econ papers since then for kids from UC schools. The pay is great relative to time, but it's inconsistent during the year and you don't want to build a reputation or get too many referrals because you may get too many asking during finals, or worse, you'll get caught because the online submission software is getting better at recognizing word usage, sentence structures, etc. Cash is best.

Sep 5, 2018

Used to write MBA application essays for Chinese students. They pay a nice sum but definitely not worth the headache.

What concert costs 45 cents? 50 Cent feat. Nickelback.

Sep 6, 2018

Yes, you have to report any sort of side income. The second problem is that depending on your role, you can be very restricted by regulations on any outside writing related to finance.

For example, at one bank where I worked, you couldn't even "Like" an article shared on LinkedIn, if it had anything to do with your industry or the economy. Their reasoning was that it could be seen as an endorsement of the contents while you also act as an advisor to clients. Hence, you are opening the bank to potential liability. It seems pretty far-fetched but our legal and regulatory departments took it seriously.

Under the same mindset, imagine how much a bank would enjoy to see you publicly writing about finance on a blog.

Sep 6, 2018

Definitely. When I was in college I used to offer my time for $25/hr for mock interviews. Used to book at least 8-10 hours a week which more than paid for my drinking and general debauchery.

Jan 4, 2019

Therefore, you're starting the financial institution in order to possible legal responsibility. It appears fairly far-fetched however the lawful as well as regulating sections required this critically. Their own thought had been which it may be viewed as a good recommendation from the material as you additionally behave as a good consultant in order to customers. Underneath the exact same way of thinking, picture just how much the financial institution might appreciate to determine a person openly currently talking about financial on the weblog.

Jan 4, 2019

Made $40 for an article and $25 for a new story back in the day. Helped in grad school for sure.

Jan 4, 2019

I am considering each so long as it's sth related to financial. I believe it might be a pleasant chance to clean on the fundamentals. Confident a number of my personal pals in basic had been utilizing providers such as these types of.

Feb 20, 2019

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