You Can Become An "Elite" Resident In Thailand For $60,000

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It seems like Thailand really wants people to come to their country, even going as far as offering an "elite" residency for $60,000. Not only do you become a VIP of Thailand, but the government provides a concierge service. According to this article by business insider;

The Thai government has started offering "elite" residency visas for wealthy foreign citizens, allowing them to live in the country for around $3,000 (PS2,403) a year, aimed at capitalising on increased global uncertainty over borders and immigration.

There's around seven different packages, but the most expensive one costing $60,000 provides the following;

The government will also provide complimentary return airport transfers, an annual health check up at a private hospital and 24 spa treatments and golfing trips a year.

All that, PLUS help with government agencies, such as dealing with immigration and licenses.

So monkeys, would you consider becoming an elite resident of Thailand, or if you could buy elite residency inside any country, which country would you choose?