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By now you guys must know that I'm a big fan of Tim Ferriss's book The 4-Hour Work Week. I think it is one of the best business books written this decade. The book has now been revised and includes over 100 additional pages of case studies and best practices to make the lifestyle achievement a reality, and it is one of the most anticipated 2nd editions ever.

The new revised and updated version was supposed to drop today, but Amazon screwed up the rollout and shipped a few copies early. For anyone who knows anything about publishing, a mistake like this can be death to a book's placement on the New York Times bestseller list.

Rather than panic, Tim is offering incentives to buy the book over the next 24 hours, including free signed copies of his next book (due summer 2010) for buying as few as 4 copies at $12.97. Buy 10 and you get the signed book, a free webinar, and a year free of DropBox's 50gb backup service ($120 value), making the books essentially free. I won't go into the details because you can find them HERE. Suffice it to say, this is a great book and makes a fantastic gift for anyone in college or already slaving away in the working world. Believe me, you know 4 people who need this book (and you're probably one of them).

If you do buy X number of copies, be sure to do it in the next 24 hours and email your Amazon receipt to [email protected] with the number of copies you purchased in the subject line.

Here's a link to the book:

The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated: Expanded and Updated, With Over 100 New Pages of Cutting-Edge Content.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Dec 15, 2009

Here is another vote for the 4HWW and Tim Ferriss. This is one of those books that will completely change your outlook on life. I know that sounds cliched, but the warning Ferriss publishes on the back cover is true "IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO QUIT YOUR JOB, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK".

Dec 15, 2009

i'm skeptical of books like this and don't really think a 4 hr work week is optimal but you've got my attn, going to check out a copy this winter ...

Dec 15, 2009

There are some industries / positions that I'm sure this book will shed plenty of life changing insight on. I just have a hard time believing investment banking is one of them. I haven't read the book so I won't pass judgment, but seriously how are banking associates and analysts able to even get out of the office regardless of how much they "outsource"? You can control your own actions, but you can't control others - the dependence on senior management and inefficiencies of banking make me skeptical that anything in this book can apply.

Dec 15, 2009

sounds like a book on MLM marketing

but they are partnered with dropbox which is legit

We are excited to formally extend to you an offer to join Bank of Ameria

Dec 16, 2009

And I think I might actually be featured in the new edition of the book - at least I submitted a story of what I did with M&I and he wrote back saying it would be in the new version. Probably changed around a lot of what I wrote, so I have no idea what the final product looks like. I hope it's not too embarrassing or far from the truth.

While I don't agree with everything in the book, it WILL make you think and he brings up very interesting ideas.

FYI, it has nothing to do with MLM marketing or anything like that - it's more about creating your own legitimate product(s), selling them, and then deciding what you want to spend your time doing.

It's almost impossible to apply any of this to investment banking - but it may at least make you think of possibilities outside of finance, or give you ideas for what to do with your time off in between jobs, business school, etc.

I've actually used plenty of the ideas in the book for articles on M&I - how to apply the 80/20 rule to your job search, what to do before you start full-time, and lots of the networking material as well.

Dec 16, 2009

Notice how many guys with gold stars after their names (myself, M&I, CaptK, and several others) recommend this book on this site? It's probably because it's solid advice.

When I was getting started in banking, I read anything I thought might make me better at my job and make me more money. Unfortunately, that was in the days before the Internet. If I was getting started today, this book would probably change my entire career path. One thing I hated about banking more than anything was the hours. I would have devoured a book that showed me how to eliminate the hours.

Feb 15, 2011