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Wall Street Oasis is looking to add several interns in the during the winter term. The SEO/link-building project is what we need the most help with, but we are also accepting applications for writing interns, and a community manager intern

Open positions:

  1. Internship we need the most help with: SEO / Link-building (3 spaces remaining as of 1/10/13) - see testimonial about this internship at the bottom of the page
  2. Finance & Business Writing Intern (2 spaces remaining as of 1/10/13)

Currently filled:

  1. PR (Currently full as of 1/10/13)
  2. Finance/Business-Media Database Management & Research (Currently full as of 12/14/12)
  3. Social Media Marketing (Currently full as of 1/10/13)
  4. Content Management (Currently full as of 1/10/13)
  5. Community Management Intern: (1 space remaining as of 1/10/13). You must have a solid track record on WSO to be considered for this (good sb:ms ratio, member for 6 months+).

The internships are unpaid, but tangible/intangible benefits you will receive are listed below. You will be working remotely and communicating with me at least once per week (via chat/email).

If you're looking for that internship to get your foot in the door and fill your resume with some real-world experience for a large online financial community, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Additional info:

  1. Forum Discussion starter - we are looking for several writing interns to help get more fresh/quality content onto WSO to help foster more discussions. (Post ideas can come from our potential topics list, the news, personal stories, etc) - see the link and email me for more info
  2. SEO / Link-building (email me for the instruction doc)
  3. Community Management: help flag spam and inappropriate posts, move threads that are posted in the wrong forum, help manage content, help facilitate interviews, help reward quality posts an comments, + more
  4. PR - reaching out to the financial/entrepreneurial/tech media with the goal of getting Patrick interviews with links leading back to WSO
  5. Finance/Business Media Database Management & Research - more info will be given after you have emailed me expressing interest and/or applied
  6. Social Media Marketing (facebook / twitter / reddit + interacting w/ and having 2-way discussions with twitter users with the goal of growing our inbound traffic
  7. Content Management - see link above


  • You have a strong interest in learning about the inner-workings of a successful online forum/website and learning about the specific internship position that you applying to
  • Knowledge of what WSO is all about (ie study our About Us page, browse through our homepage content, and watch this interview with patrick on Mixergy)
  • Can commit to 5-10+ hours per week availability
  • Current university student or recent graduate
  • Able to respond to emails promptly during weekdays (unless you give me advanced notice)
  • I don't care what your background is, what your stats are, I just want candidates who can be 100% committed to the internship

Bonus qualities I will take into consideration but not required:

  • Solid track record as a poster on WSO (good sb:ms ratio, and have been a good contribitutor to the site)
  • Specific experience in the area that you are applying to
  • Volunteer to also be a campus rep at your school


  • Start date: ASAP
  • Internship term: 8-12 weeks depending on your availability
  • Hours per week: ~10
  • I am very flexible in allowing for time off for mid-terms/finals/job interviews/vacation etc

Tangible Benefits for you:

  • Free access to all WSO Guides (1 after 2 weeks of solid work, 5 more after 6 weeks of solid work, and the addt'l 5 after completion of the internship)
  • Free access to WSO job board for one year (after full completion of internship)
  • Free basic resume review* (*depends on the reviewers availability, but we have been able to help all interns so far with this)
  • I will make myself available to you for any questions you have regarding the site, content, etc. . My background is not in finance so I cannot help with this, but I do know people who I can refer you to
  • Patrick** and I are happy to assist you with your career in the future - i.e. give recommendations / referrals etc
  • Patrick is happy to offer a 1-hour skype call (ask him anything!) to interns that fully complete their internship and do the work that is expected from them

Intangible benefits: - i.e. what you will learn

  • Hands-on / real-world experience: you will have considerable exposure to the specific area you are interning with, with the freedom to implement your own initiatives within these projects
  • Finance: You will have a ton of exposure to online finance content (blogs/articles/news/authors etc)
  • Interns that work hard and prove themselves have potential to move up the ranks and work on higher level projects in specific areas you're interested in
  • I've had several internships in the past, so I know how it is - I am trying to design this internship to be as beneficial for you as possible
  • See below for what Patrick can offer

To apply: please email me (subject: "WSO Internship") at [email protected] your resume, which internship(s) you would like to apply for, and the answers to the following questions:

  • A brief rundown of your experience with WSO
  • Current status (student / graduate)
  • Your current availability: hours per week you can commit to, time off needed (for mid-terms/finals/travel etc) & until what date you can commit to. Please think about this carefully as I need committed people here and if you tell me you can do 10 weeks, then I expect you working for 10 weeks
  • Yes or no if you are also interested in being a campus rep at your school
  • What is some specific experience you have related to the internship you are applying for?
  • What is a specific example you can describe to me that shows you are hard-working?
  • What is one unique thing I should know about you in considering you for this internship?

After you apply I will reply with more info and ask you about setting up a phone interview. If accepted into the internship program, you will have 2 week trial period during which both sides can decide if it is a good fit or not.



**Additional info from Patrick:

Putting "Wall Street Oasis" on their resume when they are trying to break onto Wall Street is a nice experience to have, even if it is just 1-2 bullets - it looks like the perfect internship, in a time when it is damn hard to find relevant experience. For many of our previous interns the internship experience has helped them tremendously.

[quote]And if they do a good job, I am willing to serve as a personal reference for the interns that show a dedication to WSO and help us move forward. I can vouch that they busted their ass and are hard workers - exactly what banks are looking for. I wrote a great endorsement for a previous intern on LinkedIn, the intern that built our entire finance dictionary from scratch and did an amazing job. He now has me as a personal reference any time he is applying for jobs because he went above and beyond my expectations.

-- Patrick Curtis, Chief Monkey


Being an Intern at WSO was a delight. From a strong collaboration to a unique vision, the team of interns had an incredible ability to work together and reach a common goal. It was nice strategizing with people from different parts of the world and analysing different ways that could be utilized to improve the web traffic. Reading and understanding recent articles in the field of Finance (and often from a variety of other fields) was also great learning opportunity. Furthermore, the knowledge and insights gained in relation to field of marketing was far beyond imagination. Besides the fact that it was overall an awesome learning experience, it also came with some tangible benefits - useful networking guides, resume review, endorsements, etc. Great experience, highly recommend it!

-- Kahir (SEO intern, summer 2012)

It wasn't only fascinating to be involved with the preeminent online Wall Street community's daily operations, but interning at Wall Street Oasis helped set me apart during interviews from others with more run-of-the-mill work experiences. For those that knew of the site it served as a great conversation starter, for those that didn't, the name caught their eye and I was able to prove my interest in the financial services industry in a way they hadn't heard a million times before. In addition, working in close contact with the CEO and COO of Wall Street Oasis was an excellent learning experience and tended to be very well received by interviewers. I will be recommending this internship to my finance-oriented friends - both the ones that have stellar credentials but less in the way of interesting talking points, as well as the ones that have sparse resumes and need to demonstrate their passion for finance.

-- Tim H. (content intern, fall 2012)

I'm only about halfway into the internship, but it should be said that the tangible benefits definitely outweigh the amount of work you do. First off, Andy really wants to help you out: I initially began as a forum discussion starter, and was luckily given the chance to be a weekly contributing author-- nice addition to my (previous lacking) resume. Second, not only am I exposed to finance and business knowledge exponentially more than before, but I've become a much better writer and have created more opportunities for myself; I've already gotten another internship off this, as well as an interview for another one in the spring. Employers love the name, think it's wonderful that you're tech savvy, and can trust that you know a good amount about business. Additionally, you get the WSO guides-- which were surprisingly jam-packed with useful information. These aren't your typical e-books that should really be 3-page articles... these are thick, no-BS bibles that will lead you closer to your dream job. Finally, the CEO and COO are really nice guys! You won't regret this decision.

1/22/2013 update: Would I be able to keep this position indefinitely? You would be shocked at how WSO has opened up doors for me like this one. Being that I'm going to grad school for finance soon, I'd love to keep contributing.

-- Jake (writing intern, fall/winter 2012-13)

The WSO SEO internship provided an opportunity to gain a large amount of knowledge in selected fields. Doing in depth research about the most popular topics on WSO gave me a chance to get in contact with the experts in those areas. Seeing the successful results of cross promotion was a satisfying reward.

-- Leon (SEO intern, spring/summer 2012)

Interning with WallStreetOasis was a great deal of fun. I had a great deal of autonomy and could do things as I saw fit, which meant it was pretty cool to execute on my own initiatives. Additionally, since I had a background in internet marketing, I got to see the behind-the-scenes view of how WSO operates. In general, the internship gave me more reason to lurk the forum and explore what else the site has to offer. Plus, nobody can deny the awesomeness of the WSO guides. The entire WSO team is comprised of great people, and I look forward to watching WSO grow even further.

-- Pete H. (SEO intern, winter/spring 2012)

Having WSO on my resume has been very helpful. When people in the industry see that I'm a contributing author to the site, they always respond positively. The site is highly recognized particularly among junior to mid-level industry professionals, so it definitely helps you stand out among your peers. Having written for WSO, I have also greatly improved my writing abilities- quality writing is one of the unsung skills in business and there is no better way to improve upon it than by writing for WSO. This is something I highly recommend to anyone looking to build their resume, sharpen their writing, or just looking to have fun.

-- Justin

The SEO internship Wall Street Oasis was the perfect freshman summer experience. The work you do forces you to be engaged with current financial events and news--which can be incredibly useful come interview season. The internship allowed me to do the reading I usually do, through NYT Dealbook, WSJ and BusinessWeek, while looking deeper into financial events and articles. This experience has helped me talk intelligently about the market in networking and super-day interviews.

-- Alex (SEO intern)

I found the experience working as an SEO intern to be very valuable. This internship gave me the opportunity to get real world experience while working for a highly respectable online community. The tangible benefits are great (every time I showed my friends the free guides that I received, they would always be impressed at all the information found in them) and the fact that I was able to learn a lot was very rewarding. Overall, if you have a few hours of free time a week, I would highly recommend this internship.

-- Albi (SEO intern, winter 2012)

Do not be skeptical of the modest nature of the internship. It is a phenomenal opportunity for anyone interested in finance, marketing, or for a view of the inner workings of Wall Street Oasis.

The amount of flexibility and responsibility placed on you can be at times challenging. However, the rewards you will gain are invaluable. For instance, the task of reaching out to reporters and journalists of various news organizations rapidly improve your cold-emailing skills. And the feeling of accomplishment when a contact replies or discovering later that they had posted an article you had referred to them is amazing. Plus, the resources of Wall Street Oasis, such as the guides, are given to you for free.

Those managing this internship really want you to succeed. It is up to you to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

-- Tim (SEO intern, winter 2012)

So, I found out about the SEO / Link-building Internship from my alma mater, who was an avid member, and got involved at his advice. It turns out that someone else left shortly after I applied and prior to that, I never even knew what WSO was or that it existed! During my experience I was working two jobs and doing the internship by night so it was challenging at times as well the learning curve involved but it didn't take me long to start thinking about how to improve their process and make substantial contributions. Since I graduated as a double major in Economics and Finance, I then seized upon the opportunity to become a Contributing Author as I was blogging myself on very similar subjects and since then I've improved my copywriting and personal blogging markedly. Even more so, this experience began to fuel my interest in marketing and gave me a base to further expand as a Marketing Intern at a law firm. Now, when I interview I mention my contributions to WSO and subsequently the law firm. I feel the two give me a boost when applying for SEO or Social Media Marketing positions and I'm hoping soon it will pay BIG dividends as I re-launch my career into Digital Marketing. Lastly, I must say that for being so physically far apart Andrew does a good job of keeping in contact with everybody, addressing questions, and open to the occasional phone call as well helping out any intern that goes the distance for WSO. My advice is, it's what you make of it!

-- Gregory (SEO intern)

DON'T BE FOOLED - you might think the SEO internship is more suited for marketing. But this internship will truly benefit individuals who are interested in finance. Throughout this internship, I was immersed in weekly financial news and picked up knowledge along the way. For a lack of job experience, it serves as a great way to demonstrate genuine interest in the industry.

Additionally, I improved a very practical skill - cold emailing. During this internship, I wrote cold emails to writers and bloggers from large financial news sites like Bloomberg, Financial Times, etc. and more personal financial blogs. With success and failure, I now have a better understanding of how to write an effective cold email where the recipient is more likely to read it and respond to it. This will come in handy when searching for internships.

And on top of all this, you get access to the WSO guides!

-- Harry (SEO intern, fall/winter 2012-13)

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Dec 15, 2012

I'm only about halfway into the internship, but it should be said that the tangible benefits ABSOLUTELY outweigh the work you do. Seriously, I've already gotten another internship off this, as well as another interview for one in future. - my thoughts and portfolio.

"Money doesn't talk, it swears." - Bob Dylan

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Dec 15, 2012

I'm only about halfway into the internship, but it should be said that the tangible benefits ABSOLUTELY outweigh the work you do. Seriously, I've already gotten another internship off this, as well as another interview for one in future.

How much does it help if you already have ib/pe boutique internships and are at a non target? I'm interested to hear what employers think/ask you with the WSO internship listed on your resume and whether they get a sense that your one of "those" people obsessed and committed to wall street from the start.

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Dec 15, 2012

I did apply, I haven't heard from you.

Dec 16, 2012

I did apply, I haven't heard from you.

Give it some time, Andy's a busy dude. - my thoughts and portfolio.

"Money doesn't talk, it swears." - Bob Dylan

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Dec 16, 2012

I did apply, I haven't heard from you.

can you pm your email address? there was one application I hadn't gotten back to yet

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Dec 16, 2012

Husky, it's just something else that shows interest and exposure to finance. It's inevitable that you'll pick up tons of finance knowledge without really trying... as an intern I'm digging through finance content for 10 extra hours a week. It also shows that you're tech-savvy, and the WSO guides are also super helpful. I've only reaped benefits to be honest, so I assume employers view it as an indicator of commitment to finance. - my thoughts and portfolio.

"Money doesn't talk, it swears." - Bob Dylan

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Dec 16, 2012

GPA cut-off?

Jan 2, 2013

Hey Andy, I emailed you with an app a couple of days ago, I was wondering if you saw it. Thanks.

"Do not pity the dead Harry. Pity the investment banker, and, above all, those who live to compute EBITDA." - Albus Dumbledore.

Jan 10, 2013

Hey Andy, I emailed you with an app a couple of days ago, I was wondering if you saw it. Thanks.

did I get back to you? if not email me again

WSO's COO (Chief Operating Orangutan) | My Linkedin

Jul 27, 2017