Audax vs PSG Equity for a finance associate role (both back office)

I'm deciding between which two places would be best for me to work at, so would appreciate any and all insight. Especially in terms of comp, WLB (remote flexibility is a huge plus for me), ability to advance in my career, and reputation.For a little more information:- Audax is offering a higher compensation, but a hybrid work schedule (2-3 days in office). I'm not sure what advancement is like in terms of associate -> senior. They seem to have a lower WLB because of crazy hours - however, it seems like I could gain a lot of good experience working here because of their level of activity. Their reputation appears to be pretty well, too.- PSG is looking for someone on their GP reporting team. They are offering a lower compensation (base is about $20k less), but a completely remote schedule. I was also told that an associate on their team advanced to senior level within a year, so growth exists. Their WLB seems good - they seem to have mostly normal hours sans during your typical busy season (according to my interviewers, so I'll take that with a grain of salt). They also offer unlimited PTO and extra holiday days (a week during the Xmas period). On the flip side, I'm worried I may not gain as much experience as I would get from Audax.

IMO PSG is the better pick. They're both highly regarded funds but you're going to like your life a lot better at PSG as Audax is a notoriously sweaty MM experience. You don't need to worry about gaining "as much" experience as you'll get good deal exposure at both so I would optimize more for culture, and given you've said flexibility is a big plus and PSG has a faster seniority track for you it seems like a no brainer. A $20k difference in comp is nothing, never optimize for a $20k-30k here or there this early on unless it's a huge difference maker e.g. you have recurring medical costs or something similar to consider.

Edit: Another commenter brought up a point I missed, what is a GP reporting team? The above commentary was assuming these are both standard front office PE associate roles.

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Thank you for the advice! And to answer the question under your edit, they are both back office (accounting, reporting, and administration). I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong group, I just used the title that both jobs were posted under when posing my question. (I edited my post a little to make it less confusing)

Gotcha, much clearer then. So then the deal exposure point doesn't matter at all. If they're both more back-office/finance dept. oriented I can promise you there will be next to no meaningful difference between the day2day of either position in that case with respect to learning opportunity/career trajectory if that's what you're interested in. From everything else you laid out it sounds like PSG is the clearly superior option in terms of advancement and flexibility, so it's really up to you whether that's worth an extra $20k after tax or not. Good luck! 

"The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly" - Robert A. Wilson | "If you don't have any enemies in life you have never stood up for anything" - Winston Churchill

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