deciding between 2 offers

comp between 2 offers

Hi all- any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Currently doing asset allocation at an AM. Tbh both offers are not exactly what I want to pursue long term but it’s been super toxic at work and there’re not that many local openings (prefer to not relocate) out there so I’m thinking maybe I could move to one of them and then figure out what’s next from there. Table above shows the comparison but below is a bit more context:
A: an independent PWM with VHNW/UHNW clients. Position is investment-related. They use the same toolkit like bberg/capIQ as I do now so I’d assume it’s close to the markets. Pay is 30k LESS than B. Concern: PWM is frowned upon by AM so not sure how easy it is to move to AM again if I don’t love what I’ll be doing in PWM.
B: AM. Good platform/pay/benefit. But the position offered is data analyst so it’s back office. I worked in back office at a fairly good platform in the past and didn’t love it at all so I moved to asset allocation early in my career. Also the HM seems pretty hands on (daily standups and on-site team while the rest of the firm is hybrid) and was told that the HM works crazy hours so I’m not sure about their WLB. 

A or B

85% (23 votes)
15% (4 votes)
Total votes: 27

Allocation -> WM -> AM sounds like a decent path, if one can pull it off.


Agreed with the above - Option A is your best bet. Confirm the details of the role and just how much 'investing' it will be - it probably doesn't matter as you are unhappy where you are, but some can be very client service heavy and less 'investing' so to speak. 

Same goes for moving between AM and PWM - it is heavily role depending IMO on what will or won't transfer. 


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