Retail BA to AM Client Group?

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Grateful for the omnipotent guidance I am about to receive. In all seriousness, though, I've been blown away by some of the collective wisdom of anonymous enthusiasts in some random corners of the internet (hello to my car forum brethren), and believe there may be value to be had here.


  • 34 years old, retail bank business analyst job family for the entirety of my post-undergrad career
  • top 5 bank (think COF, BA, WFC) in analytically rigorous strategy groups
  • roles have been central to deposit products, mostly Checking
  • since 2017 have been focused on rebuilding a revenue driving business (second largest in the bank)
  • currently in a stretch role to become the strategy lead in this space
  • career path in my current role is great for a corporate BA, particularly with the WLB that this life offers
  • however, my wife and I are gearing up to start the baby factory in the next year or so and I am eager to slot into a career with higher earning trajectory
  • we can support our family and a serious lifestyle w/ current path, and I am mindful of the value of my current situation, however limitations are clear

I did not attend a target. I did not perform particularly well in undergrad. I did not go to business school.
Success in my current biz is predicated on my ability to build analyses, digest the critical insights, synthesize relevant context, and tell the story in a compelling and efficient way. I have been tapped for ultra senior discussions because of my ability to fuse institutional knowledge, analytic lens, and EQ/Soft-Skills.

For somebody who doesn't work in the following spaces, I am deeply knowledgeable in economics, politics. I have a history of making lasting connections with interesting and accomplished people (mostly a function of my extracurricular pursuits). After trying to evaluate myself and the various areas that I feel I would be a good fit, I believe I would be a good fit in AM sales. That said, externally, I don't think many shops would agree on paper, as I appear relatively monolithic in my experience.

So, as I write to the mythical WSO jungle, I wonder...

Does this feel like a reasonable space for me?
Does this feel like a reasonable move to make?
Does this feel like a realistic move to make?

With appreciation and deep regard,
Thank you


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Jul 26, 2022 - 1:18pm
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