What percentage of people rise the ranks at Wellington/Fidelity?

Hi all,

Looking to potentially make the transition to an analyst position high yield group at Fidelity/Wellington coming from a blended private credit/equity role at a PE MF (Blackstone/Bain) after 4 years of experience. Interviews have been going well and I hope to secure the offer. One question I have that I haven't been given a clear answer on is the path to the top at Wellington/Fidelity. Getting in as an analyst is very hard, but how does promotability look like once you start as an analyst? Assuming you're a very solid performer and charismatic, is there a relatively guaranteed path to PM/partner (and making the big money) as long as you stick around? How long does it take to get to that level? Thank you!

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You need to do 3 out the 4 well: differentiated / in-depth research, strong communicator, generate alpha, be likable. Idk the stats off the top of my head but if you can do 3 out of those 4 would put more in the "yours to lose" category

Generally takes 10+ years

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Very helpful, thank you!

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FIG newton, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Don't mean to hijack the thread but what was your interview process like? I thought these guys normally focused on MBA's, did a headhunter put you in touch or how did that work?

trying_my_best, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Bump. OP, what are the profiles of the other analysts in the high yield group?

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- its centralised research at both shops therefore it takes a while to build up credibility with your calls/work to PMs. I'd assume you'd join at a VP level , ( given probably 6 ish years of work exp) from VP to MD in research can take a few more years. I wouldn't bank on something like becoming partner.... that would indicate you are either an outlier performer amongst already top analysts or got v v lucky....

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