Digital Strategy: Deloitte Digital (DB&S) vs. Digital McKinsey vs. BCG DV

For the last year I have been doing consulting for a small boutique firm focused on Digital Strategy consulting. However, I have the opportunity to move up to a bigger firm.

I'm currently in the process with Deloitte Digital's strategy practice (Digital Business & Strategy), and also BCG Digital Ventures. I also have a preliminary conversation scheduled with Digital McKinsey.

I would appreciate hearing the perspectives of people here on these three groups. Specifically on the type of work, the future trajectory, career progression, etc.

Note: not looking at Accenture or anything of the non-Deloitte Big 4 firms.


Note: not looking at Accenture or anything of the non-Deloitte Big 4 firms.Thanks!

Is this because you don't have interviews there or are you not interested in those firms? I was under the impression that ACN had a pretty strong digital practice. I've also seen KPMG digital in the marketplace and they seem strong as well....

That said, I'm by no means an expert in the digital space.

If you join Digital McKinsey as a consultant, your career trajectory will be exactly the same as any other consultant at McKinsey - Analyst / Associate / EM / Jr.Partner / Partner / Sr.Partner - with the same basis for promotions, salary increases etc.

Between the 3 organisations - you should choose based on your long term goals. How important is brand value, career progression, exit options etc. BCG and McKinsey will offer you almost similar career paths - Deloitte might be slightly different.


I am really puzzled on how to get to these practices...Several years of IT & Digital experience, MBA from a top school - and not a single interview.

I had a very similar experience. After 5+ years of BB, 4+ years in the Silicon Valley (#1 & #2) and financial services experience (really good brands). 3 languages and worked across 5 countries. Not 1 interview at digital practices. I figured it came down to how I presented "digital" on my resume, which wasn't strong enough. I assumed because I am relatively young ("millennial") everyone I faced in HR or hiring managers automatically knew I worked on key digital transformations or that the employer or project name/content gave it away. Feedback was that this wasn't the case though.

I think, and I could be very off, it's they're looking for those with hardcore technical backgrounds. I interviewed with ACN, Deloitte, and McKinsey Digital practices and got offers from 2 of the 3, and the people I met seemed to have MS and PhDs in CS, engineering, or extensive programming & design experience. I think I received interviews due to being in my MS in data science, having quite a few projects that showcased my interest in consulting and having had interned as a data science analyst and software engineer. I believe I only met 2 or 3 MBA's and all focused on analytics in their MBA programs. None of the MBA's were top 10 besides Columbia Again, this is just a small data point on my limited observations

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