Exit opportunities for economic consulting (w/o MBA)

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I've recently landed (and accepted) an offer at an established economic consulting firm (think Cornerstone/CRA/AG). I'll be joining as a first-year analyst immediately after graduation from a target school, but it certainly isn't too early to be looking ahead. After a brief scroll through this forum, it seems exit opportunities are limited (relative to, say, MBB/T2) given how niche this field is. That said, many of the skills do seem fairly portable (valuation, modeling, data analysis) to other domains. How difficult would it be to land in equity research, corporate finance or even asset management after a stint at this EC firm? To those who did successfully make the jump or know those who did, can you detail your progression?


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FO finance roles are quite challenging to land in all fairness. Unless you do a LinkedIn search and see otherwise, I would not go into this job with that exit as the main ambition. You may find more "economist" focused roles at banks, asset managers or hedge funds but they are quite challenging to come by. The valuation and modelling done in EC is a bit different from a DCF or LBO model, so the skills may not translate as directly as you think. Honestly, best to find people on LinkedIn and ask around.

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