MBB Offices and Difficulty/Offer Rate

How much variability is there in terms of difficulty of obtaining an offer across different offices? I am aware that logically, there would be some– it seems to make sense that it might be slightly easier to get an offer for an office in a less in-demand area, say Cleveland, in comparison to a NYC or SF. However, does anyone know how much variability there actually is? Like are we talking 5% more difficult or like 20% more?

If anyone has any insight into this that would be great. Thanks

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If you search for the past times this question has been asked, including on the consulting subreddit, the consistent answer is that you should be going for the office you want to go for vs trying to game by pursuing a smaller office. Bigger offices have more applicants, but also more slots, and as an applicant it is typically outright unknowable which of those factors will matter more in a given recruitment cycle

What you really really want to avoid is going after a smaller office and letting it slip somehow that you're not actually interested in that office (i.e. you just thought it'd be easier or you plan to transfer). If you grew up in NYC and went to Columbia then you're going to need a decent story for why you're applying to the Pittsburgh office

As a caveat I'll add that if there's an existing pipeline or precedent for students from your school to overindex on a certain office then that office will probably be a bit easier for you vs others

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I second this comment completely.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that the office I applied to has around 1000 people in it (maybe 70% of consultants) and our starting class for ACs was in the mid 20s. I don't know how many applicants there were, but from my interview days, I remember seeing around 10-15% of the people I saw there starting with me (the rest I didn't see, so they must have been on different days). Do be careful with that last number though, I may have been part of a lucky group with many intakes or part of a terrible batch with only a few. This is something where I have absolutely no idea (I am guessing only HR and the leadership team know how many CVs they received).

Just apply make sure to apply to an office you actually want to go to (I applied to one of the most competitive by most standards, and I still got in), and that you select the firm (if you are lucky enough to have multiple offers) where you enjoyed the people and culture the most. Gaming the system has limited benefits, especially since you can transfer anyway later on, and you might not stay much longer than 2-4 years anyway.

Best of luck to you!

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