Parthenon vs Strategy& vs Deloitte S&O vs Altman Vilandrie

Hey guys,

I am a junior at a top consulting target in the US and have four summer strategy consulting internship offers I am deciding between. Short term, I want to re-recruit for MBB full time. Long term, I'm interested in getting into technology, either in a corporate strategy role or on the investor side in PE/VC. The four offers with locations and pros and cons are as follows:

Parthenon - Chicago office. Pros: Strong focus on due diligence. Cons: Not preferred location of SF although might be able to get that switched.

Strategy& - Chicago office. Pros: Strong overall brand name and good strategy projects. Cons: Not SF, have heard things about toxic culture and work-life balance.

Deloitte S&O - Chicago office. Pros: Have heard S&O comes fourth after MBB. Cons: Not SF, might get caught up in implementation work instead of strategy.

Altman Vilandrie - SF office. Pros: Extremely strong strength and focus on TMT industry, projects are pure strategy/due diligence. Cons: Very small firm, potential branding issues.

Can anyone who's made a similar decision for their junior year summer lend insight into how I should weigh my options given my interests? Would appreciate any advice!


I would say S& or parthenon based on on your interests, the others will be a tier below in terms of the work that you're interested in. However if PE is the actual goal then Parthenon probably would give you the best chance in placement

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Don't gameplan on switching to SF for any of your offers or quickly changing offices. However, if you want to do PE recruiting in SF, you'll still be able to do that.

Also, congrats on these offers, first 3 you named are all great choices anybody should be happy with.

EY-P: Strong in PE DD, but a little less well known outside of it.

S&: In what way is the culture toxic? If you're referring to the post-merger friction threads it's likely that that stuff is pretty outdated by now. Also hours in S& Deals will be no worse than other PE DD's. Deals is a very strong practice as far as PE is concerned.

D S&O: Nobody really 'comes 4th' after MBB, it really varies by practice, and D S&O is probably marginally less mature than above 2 with respect to PE specifically.

Altman Vilandrie: I have never heard of it, would probably pass because the others you listed have great reputations. PE can be very pedigree focused so I'd stick with the bigger name brands.


Yes, this is outdated. Deloitte went through a reorg globally last year. S&O split into 2 practices (portfolio offerings).

Now there are 5 consulting practices, Strategy, M&A & Analytics, Customer and Marketing, Core Business Operations, Human Capital as well as Enterprise Technology & Performance.

If you wanna do strategy at Deloitte, you should apply to Strategy, M&A & Analytics. This practice consists of the legacy monitor folks, M&A consulting and some AI analytics teams.

The Monitor Deloitte team is the only team at Deloitte that does strategy work. Some other tech groups might do some tech strategy or AI strategy but Monitor is the only dedicated strategy team although it's been rebranded to Strategy and Business Design. Internally, we don't use the name Monitor Deloitte anymore.

When you apply for Strat, M&A & Analytics, you might be interviewed for M&A consulting. So it is very difficult to get placed into Monitor.


I’d pick Strategy& since other ones are kind of a mess rn. EYP just got merged with other advisory group of EY and Deloitte is just trash in general.


EYP absorbed EY advisory groups like TAS etc. so the prestige is diluted since people from EY advisory are now part of EYP. So the average classes are bigger and it’s hard to differentiate who’s legacy EYP and who’s EY from the recruiters and business school standpoint


Would probably go with Parthenon or S&, with a lean towards Parthenon given a long-term PE goal. Definitely do your research on Parthenon reorganizing within EY, I have no info on this but you really want to be sure you have the Parthenon brand as it still has solid cache.


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