Please Help- UIUC Finance (Gies) vs. OSU Finance (Fisher)

Hi everyone, 

I am currently in a tough situation and I am deciding between 2 schools - Ohio State and UIUC. I am planning on majoring in Finance and hopefully working in consulting or a similar finance field such as banking or strategy when I graduate, as well as going to a great MBA school as my ultimate goal would be to work in management. UIUC is my home state, and the cost is around 39k per year and I did not receive any scholarships. However, I got a scholarship to OSU that would make it the same price, 39k, but cost isn't really a factor for me, thankfully. I just want to make sure I'm getting the best value for my money! I feel I'd enjoy OSU's sports & social scene better, but I know UIUC still has a great student life experience. I got in direct admit to business for both colleges. I don't mind where I work geographically as a grad, as long as it's a big city. Which school has better connections to companies/has better value overall for jobs/ sets me up better for MBA school? I know both aren't really target schools for IB/Big 3 consulting. 

It's been really stressful just deciding between the two because they offer such different student experiences yet the outcomes on the website (salary, company recruiting) seems similar, so I wanted to ask those who have some experience with the industry and may have seen these schools presence in top companies. 

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bof4deeznutz, what's your opinion? Comment below:

this a joke? UIUC ofc. UIUC is a semi target and OSU is non target. Can still make finance from UIUC or even OSU if u put in the work tho.

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