Jump from HF into Crypto Full Time

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. Also I'm not looking to start a debate about whether this is smart / dumb. Honestly just looking for feedback from the community if this resonates.

Quick background - been in the HF industry for about a decade. I sit in a very good seat at the moment but am bored with the job. I have been personally involved in crypto almost as long as I have been in finance and am curious to hear of any people have crossed over into full time crypto roles (whether on the investment side or strategy / BD).

Looking for insight into what the experience has been like coming from a HF and if there are any suggestions on resources / recruiters / etc that could help get a better sense of what that switch could look like.


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Following, thinking similar thing

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"Intern in IB-M&A"

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I've also been heavily considering this and have been poking around various VC firms and other crypto-related roles. FWIW I think the VP of BD over at Avalabs is ex-Tiger. 

I'm not exactly in a position to talk as I haven't crossed the chasm yet myself, but from my experience I haven't seen much in the way of recruiting and most of it seems far more informal compared to what I went through with HF recruiting. I'm talking I literally had reputable VCs discussing offers over my twitter DMs. Culture has been similar to what I imagine start-ups to be, for better or worse. That means expecting you to wear multiple hats, taking initiative, less formal responsibilities, etc.

The industry is hungry for talent and I'm sure if you put half as much effort into looking for a role as you did into initially breaking into the buyside you'll have no trouble but recruiting strategies will most likely be different. 

Keep us updated on how your efforts go. It'll be interesting seeing how this industry continues to evolve with all the capital and talent flowing in from tech and tradfi.

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