Aggregated CTA and stock buyback desk data feeds

Hi All, I'm assuming this subforum is more appropriate for the question than the Trading sub, but maybe a mod can move it if not.

I'm looking for a timely (not real-time, but not 2 weeks old) data feed which covers several sources of CTA and stock buyback activity projections (price thresholds where certain funds' buy/sell algos get triggered, how much to buy/sell, etc, and preferably, something which costs under $1,200/mo. I've seen Exante, but price is high. I've seen some data from BarclayHedge, Morgan Stanley QDS, NilssonHedge, but nothing aggregated across the several CTA firms.

Zero Hedge reports on this stuff a lot, and their data comes from Goldman and Nomura. I'm not institutional, though.

Any pointers?

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