Does the course you study matter or is the university more important

Hi guys,
I recently got accepted in to Nottingham university for a undergraduate degree in American studies and History. I was wondering if the course you study matters. I have heard lots of different opinions. Nottingham is a semi target, will this help me?
Also would American studies and history a good degree. American studies consists of American history, politics and Literature
I am interested in a career in equity research and I have 1 years worth of experience in asset management with one of the largest asset manager in the UK. I also invest personally. I have good knowledge in accounting. I know how to read and understand the 3 statements and i also understand ratios like ROCE. I also know how to value a company. I use the FCF yield, DCF and Reverse DCF to value a company. In my free time, I also like to research stocks and write in depth reports, which I am looking to publish online. A recent report I have done is on constellation software. 
I may be able to switch to politics and economics as that is available on clearing, but this is not certain. 
I would love to study finance or economics but when I look at the course, most of the stuff is useless. 95% of the stuff is useless. I like to read books and other materials and I think that is far better to learn about investing. 
also btw, I am interested in Equity research and want to have a career in equity research after I graduate. I am also looking for internships, spring weeks in a position related to equity research. 


For top unis (Oxbridge and to a lesser degree Imperial/LSE) uni course doesn't matter in the slightest; the further you move from there the more you need to rely on knowing something 'relevant' so it starts mattering


No. Semi-target means semi-alright, not even remotely 'top'. Very much matters what you're studying and people from Nottingham in finance usually tend to have to do career societies etc (NEFS or eqv.) whereas at Oxbridge no one does career societies to apply for jobs.

That being said, it's still very much possible to get in to top US banks (less so for MBBs and analyst-level buy-side jobs given they tend to be more academically selective) regardless of degree, you'll just have to be slightly lucky and grind.


Ah ok. I don’t have good GCSEs but I do have alright A levels equivalent in business and finance (AAB). I have talked to Nottingham to move to politics and economics but not 100% sure if this will happen. I could also try change when university starts in September.

I could go to a low ranked university like Reading or Kent, or maybe even Newcastle, and study finance. Do you think this is better compared to studying American studies and history at Nottingham?


Definitely better to do anything at Nottingham than anything at Reading or Kent


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