Had Off the Cusp Interview with MD

I'm going to purposefully leave out some details from this post to avoid being "outed".

I had an interview the same day I handed my report to an MD of a notable bank. An hour after handing it in he emailed me asking me to meet with him for 30 minutes. When I was about to meet him, the first thing I noticed before I sat down was how there were a lot of notes and circles and scribbles on my report (which I handed to him 6 hours prior). (Note, this report was a thematic industry and equity research report that I have been handing out to showcase my competencies and skill set).

Anyways, I talked about myself, told him my story, he asked about my grades, I was super honest (told him 3.2 in last two years, first two years were a write off since I did not know what I wanted and I cared about my social life). I think he appreciated this. We then dug into my report and he asked me questions about my charts and my logic behind why I estimated certain numbers and why I grew out some while flatlining others. I answered all his questions as best as I could (I knew the answers since I wrote the damn thing, after all) but I was still visibly nervous so my tone was a little lower than usual.

Fast forward and he asks me a brain teaser asking me to guestimate a certain fact about a corporation and then he asked me a simple technical about depreciation and its effect on all three financial statements. When I answered that he said "Good, you know the basics."

He then spent some time talking about himself, his achievements, the bank, and where he's at now and what he's doing with his coverage group and where he wants to take it 12 to 18 months from now. He used a lot of "me and you", "we", "you", "you and I" when talking about the the workload and the type of research that I would be doing with him, so it almost felt like he was talking to me as if I already got the job or was about to get an offer. It seemed like that, hopefully someone can relate to this. After some time and asking him some questions of my own, he told me about the next steps. He said he already interview some people and discarded a couple. The next thing for me would be to "probably meet my associate" (his words) and he said that if his associate likes me then I'll go on to pitch a stock to a panel of 3 other associates, and if they like me then I'll do a test, and if I pass that test then I'll get an offer. Before we parted he asked me to send him the original model that I used when creating all the financial statements on the stock that I picked. I got home an hour later and sent him my model and a brief thank you and looking forward to hearing from you spiel.

The question: After sending him my model with a thank you and that I'm looking forward to speaking with him again and speaking with his associate to further our conversation, I have yet to receive any response regarding the second meet or whether there will be one at all. It's been 2 days...should I follow up on Thursday? What is your opinion on how this went?

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Dec 12, 2018 - 5:21pm
PatrickBateman90, what's your opinion? Comment below:

It looks like he liked you - I don't think there's anything wrong with following up, but 2 days may be too soon unless he told you he would get back to you by EOD or by x date. I'd wait til Friday.

Dec 13, 2018 - 8:28am
enterthemonkey, what's your opinion? Comment below:

The only thing he said was that he moves fast.

I'll follow up with him early tomorrow morning and see where it goes. Thanks for the encouragement!

Dec 13, 2018 - 8:58am
LeonTree, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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