Information Sources for Energy Sector Equity Research/Asset Management

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently in audit in London with 4 YOE and I'm in the process of considering the next phase of my career. I have had quite a bit of time to think about it now, and I feel as though I've landed on something that I could conceivably envisage myself excelling in and being interested in for the long haul, which is energy sector equity research/asset management.

I understand that in order to get a role in this, I'll need to be exceptionally well-prepared in terms of both industry knowledge and technical modelling skills. In terms of industry knowledge, do you have any recommendations for the best information sources that I could read up on daily, including newspapers (FT/WSJ/Bloomberg) and energy/industrials-specific newsletters/blogs/contributors/etc.? When it comes to modelling, would you guys advise that I enrol in/pay for certain courses on WSO to really accelerate my knowledge?

Thank you all in advance.


Hello there!

Transitioning into energy sector equity research/asset management is an exciting move, and you're right to focus on industry knowledge and technical skills. Here are some recommendations based on the highest ranked content on WSO:

Industry Knowledge: - News Sources: Regularly reading financial newspapers like the Financial Times (FT), The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and Bloomberg is a great start. They provide a broad view of market trends and specific energy sector developments. - Specialized Information: For energy-specific insights, consider following the Energy Information Administration (EIA) for their production reports. This will give you a solid understanding of the energy market fundamentals. - Company Research: Dive into company websites, analyst presentations, earnings transcripts, and financial reports available on the SEC website to get a deeper understanding of individual players in the energy sector. - Online Platforms: Utilize platforms like Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Ycharts, Finviz, and Seeking Alpha for charting tools, financial ratios, and comparable company analysis.

Technical Modelling Skills: - WSO Courses: Enrolling in Wall Street Oasis courses could be beneficial. They offer specific training for investment banking, private equity, and financial modelling that could help accelerate your knowledge. - Practical Application: Try to apply what you learn by building models for real companies or hypothetical scenarios within the energy sector. This hands-on practice is invaluable.

Remember, consistent reading and practical application of your skills will be key to excelling in your desired field. Good luck with your career progression!

Sources: How To Follow The Markets Like A Pro – For Free!, Why are Equity Research and Investment Management looked down upon?, Q&A: Equity Analyst at a Sovereign Wealth/Pension Fund, Energy sector having the highest M&A fee?, Energy Sector Primer

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What I will say is that if you're too picky on sector trying to make this jump, it could be a very long time before you're able to do it.

Realistically, sell side is your first stop and within any given sector in Europe there are probably around ~15 teams. The chances of those teams having headcount capacity is fairly low at any given point in time. And it could be months before an opportunity presents itself.


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