You've been away a long time now Billy, I don't shine shoes no more

Shining your shoes is something every guy should know how to do (along with changing a flat tire, building a fire, cooking a steak and sewing a button on a shirt, among other things).  Go to Amazon, buy a horsehair brush and some Saphir products and then watch one of the few hundred instructional videos on YouTube.  You’ll get a sense of accomplishment and save a few bucks.  Also get some shoe trees, helps your shoes keep shape and last longer.

There’s plenty scattered around midtown. There’s some in grand central station, one at 43rd and 3rd, and on nice days it can be nice going to the one just outside of the library near Bryant park.

Similar to above, we have a guy come to the office once a week. Cash only, costs like $5 and I give him a $10 and say keep it. I use to work in a building that had a shoeshine in the lobby.

I know there are stands at big transit hubs (Grand Central, Penn Station, etc.), and I've passed by a shop on 55th between 5th and 6th that does it as well

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Search for “shoeshine” on google maps.  My view is that I work hard and it’s one of life’s simple pleasures and it’s nice to relax while someone else takes care on the shine.  And it’s not an ego thing, I respect the people who do it and tip them well, generally 100% assuming they do a decent job.

Or like someone said a above, get a horsehair brush and sapphire products….don’t even waste your time on other brands.  Site with the best instructions I’ve seen is the Kirby Allison Hanger Project, google the “presidential shine”. And learn how to do a full deep cleaning, it’s like using a straigh razor or making a good Manhattan…you should know how to do this as an adult.

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