To Shave or not to Shave SA

I know this has been asked many times, just looking for more recent responses with more context.

Have superday coming up for AM NYC SA Role. I did previous intereview with short, very clean beard, modern mullet/ flow hair, personally I thought I looked good. Interviewer was clean shaven, as well as others on team from linkedin. 

I haven't been clean shaven in over 2 years, wondering if I should shave for this. I don't want to risk this position.


Are you interviewing for a role in finance or trying out for a semi-pro rugby team. Clean beard is one thing, any hairstyle with the word mullet is an instant no go


Take a look at the current people who are in the role you are interviewing for. Mimic that. I doubt you will see a single mullet anywhere on that website.

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We've dinged numerous candidates for not being clean shaven, appropriate hair,  etc. May be different for you, main driver was "if I can't trust this person to take the interview seriously, I can't trust them to do well in front of a client."

It's one day, then maybe your first week until you figure out the lay of the land - I think it would be foolish to chance it, unless there is some religious aspect or your jawline is unbelievably destroyed.

Interview should be your best foot forward; if you're questioning it, you know the answer.


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