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Currently a 1sr yr associate with lenient dress code at the office (quarter zip, golf polos, khakis, etc). However, I’ve been attending closing dinners and pitches more frequently and need a full revamp of my formal wardrobe.

Need a new suit, 1/2 sport coats, possibly a blazer (unsure if the gold buttons are acceptable), and non suit slacks.

Anyone have suggestions on where to get this stuff in NYC without spending 4K?


For a wardrobe revamp that balances quality and cost, especially in NYC, here are some top recommendations based on the most helpful WSO content:

  1. Suits: For a high-quality yet affordable suit, consider Suit Supply. They offer a great balance of quality and price. Another option is Indochino, where you can get made-to-measure suits that fit well without breaking the bank.

  2. Sport Coats and Blazers: Brooks Brothers is a reliable choice for sport coats. They often have sales, so keep an eye out for those. For blazers, the gold buttons are traditionally more of a preppy style, often seen on navy blazers. It's acceptable but depends on your personal style and the formality of the event.

  3. Non-Suit Slacks: For good quality slacks that won't cost a fortune, check out Banana Republic or Nordstrom. Both stores offer a range of options that can be both stylish and professional.

  4. Local Tailors: Don't overlook the value of a good tailor. Even if you buy off-the-rack, a tailor can make adjustments that elevate the fit of your clothing to look custom-made.

  5. Shopping Tips: When shopping in NYC, consider visiting some outlets or department store sales where you can find high-end brands at a reduced price. Saks Fifth Avenue "Off Fifth" is a good place to start for deals on designer labels.

Remember, investing in a few high-quality pieces can be more valuable in the long run than buying several cheaper items. Choose classic styles that won't go out of fashion quickly, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Sources: New To Formal Fashion? Start Here. PT1, Best Place to buy suits for IBD Analysts?, Outside NYC/SF, how would you rate cities for finance/consulting/corporate opps?, New To Formal Fashion? Start Here. PT1, Where to buy suits

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For NYC-specific... worth monitoring 260 Sample Sale's site if you're fine buying off the rack. Potentially good for sportcoat variety / more "fun" rotation pieces (occasionally get Canali, Isaia, etc. 70%+ off if you want to splurge). Do have to examine everything well before buying though since it's mostly old stock. 

Otherwise, summer sale season for the department stores will be soon. Plus, if you still have an out of state driver's license you can do "tourist" things like the stackable extra 10% off at Bloomingdales. Not well-versed on NYC custom options (lucked into being a common size), so will leave that to others. Good hunting... 


The Nordstrom men's store near Times Square is also underrated when a sale is going. They often have a bunch of inventory that won't show up online since it's a flagship location. 

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A few options - sales at Nordstrom, etc. are great ways to go. If you want to just knock it out - suit supply can cover most all of that, reasonably, and if you fit their general profiles without a ton of alterations or added costs. Banana Republic has some nice dress pant options I saw recently - Bonobos is honestly what I use for a lot of my non suit dress pants/slacks - they have higher end than the 'weekday warriors' as well. Admittedly, all of that will get you sorted pretty well. 

I'd also look at Enzo Custom or Proper Cloth if you want a more custom route - have had good success with both, better than Indochino IMO. 

Also - avoid brass buttons on the blazer. Unless you are a southern gentleman, headed to the country club, or otherwise prep affiliated not what I'd go with. But hey - everyone has their style! 


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