Ahoy there! Diving into the treasure trove of wisdom from the Wall Street Oasis seas, I've unearthed some golden nuggets for you. When it comes to decking yourself out in suits without breaking the bank, especially for interns or junior employees, here are some spots you might want to set sail for:

  1. Suit Supply: A beacon for quality at a price that won't have you walking the plank. They're known for their great material and construction, and they even offer in-house tailoring to ensure a fit so fine, you'll be the talk of the seven seas.

  2. Jos. A. Bank: Here be the workhorse suits at prices that are more treasure chest than sunken ship. They're a solid choice for entry-level suits.

  3. Indochino: If you're navigating the waters of custom suits, Indochino offers Made-to-Measure suits that won't have you marooned financially.

  4. Charles Tyrwhitt: While more famous for their shirts, they occasionally have suit sales that are worth a gander. Keep a weather eye on the horizon for deals.

  5. Men's Wearhouse: Known for their sales, including brands like Joseph Abboud suits at prices that'll have you hoisting the sails in joy.

For watches that keep time without costing a treasure, here are a few brands that won't have you diving to Davy Jones' Locker for more coins:

  • Seiko: A brand with a storied history and a range of watches that combine style with affordability.
  • Citizen: Known for their Eco-Drive technology, which means you'll never need to replace a battery.
  • Timex: Offers a wide range of styles at prices that'll leave you with enough gold to fill your chest.
  • Orient: A hidden gem for those in the know, offering automatic watches that punch well above their weight in terms of value.

Remember, matey, in the vast ocean of fashion, the true north is finding what makes you feel confident and ready to take on the world. Whether you're navigating the bustling streets of NYC or the digital waves online, these options should have you well on your way to looking sharp without surrendering all your doubloons. Happy hunting!

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My personal opinion regarding a nice watch under $400 would be to go on Ebay and find a nice, used vintage watch. I am only suggesting this as for $400 you could buy some cheap trinket that no one will really think much of, as opposed to buying a nice vintage piece that people would definitely appreciate. No one is going to look twice or ask you about a Fossil (which are very nice watches, no disrespect) but something unique and vintage would stand out a bit more and get you better value for your money.


I'd recommend Suit Supply, they start at $400 - $500 and the quality there is superior to anything else you can get new for cheaper. This will be less expensive in the long run and almost every Analyst - Associate I know wears them. Just make sure to get it tailored elsewhere, as tailoring at SS can be expensive.

For watches, while vintage is super cool/interesting, if this is your first mechanical watch I wouldn't go the vintage route. There are often "hidden" costs and quirks and if you are new to watches it may become a headache fast. I'd recommend something from the following:

  • New: Citizen Tsuyosa, Orient Bambino, Timex Marlin, Seiko 5 Sports, Orient Kamasu, Seiko Presage, Timex Weekender
  • Used: Hamilton Khaki, Tissot PRX, Tissot Gentleman

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