Desperate for Haircut Recommendation in NYC

Tried searching for this topic but the last post was in Apr 2023 with no responses. I've always settled for places that do men's haircuts for $30 dollars or less. Truthfully my hair style is an atrocity. I'm desperate to find a hair salon in NYC where the people actually speak English and would know how to handle my hair type (average white dude hair). I'm willing to pay hundreds. Doesn't matter. Just need someone to save me.

Please share suggestions please please. I will travel anywhere in NYC


Based on the WSO content, it seems you're in a bit of a hairy situation, but don't worry, you're not alone in this quest for a transformative haircut in NYC. While the specific threads don't list barbershops or salons by name, the community often emphasizes the importance of finding a place that not only provides quality cuts but also offers consultation to ensure the style suits you.

Given your willingness to invest in a good haircut and the need for a place where communication won't be an issue, I'd recommend starting your search in areas known for their high-end salons and barbershops. Neighborhoods like SoHo, Tribeca, and the West Village are known for their upscale beauty services. While the WSO threads don't specify names, they do suggest looking for places with strong online reviews, particularly those that mention stylists who are good with various hair types and offer personalized consultations.

Remember, a good stylist will discuss your hair type, face shape, and personal style before picking up the scissors. Since you're ready to invest, don't hesitate to book a consultation first to ensure you're comfortable with their approach.

Lastly, while the WSO community might not have specific names to offer, leveraging the network for personal recommendations through direct messages or broader posts could yield some hidden gems. Networking isn't just for finance; it's also for finding the best places to get a haircut in NYC. Good luck, and may your next haircut be a game-changer!

Sources: Favorite Barbershops in NYC/hair consultant, Hair Products...for Men!

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This is my least favorite part of NYC. I have a dozen haircut places right in my neighborhood and I’ve tried three different ones. All either fucked up my hair, have weird hours, or cost $100. I miss the Asian lady in my old city who charged $20 cash all-in and knew exactly the haircut I was describing. Hell I’ve had a more consistent experience going to sport clips but there must be some ban on haircut chains in Manhattan because I don’t see any. C’est la vie.

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please do yourself a favor and go to Cartel hair studio and ask for Ben. most attention to detail haircut i've ever had in my life, the guy is great. Its like 80 bucks. i have never once left unhappy - very good. 


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