SA Office Wear - Women

Hi girlies!! Wondering how everyone is planning their SA clothing? It feels so much easier for guys they just need like 3 suits. Any ideas on how to go about buying/repeating outfits without being too conspicuous about it (and on a budget)? Thanks! 


H&M is great for work clothes on a budget. If you're willing to splurge a little more, J Crew has great work clothes, especially their linen line for the summer. For my internship, I plan on just wearing blouses and trousers, since my company offers business casual. 


I'm a sophomore interning in NYC this summer and the dress code at my firm is more business casual than business formal, and I'm wondering what to buy that would be good for the heat—like won't it be a million degrees in the city? I'm also a girl and would appreciate any recs!

Right now I've been looking at j crew, banana republic, zara, ref, but worried about buying stuff that's not conservative enough, especially with dresses. I think a lot of ref dresses are just way too short to hack it in an office


I looked at the ref site and yeah, most of those dresses won't cut it. Perhaps check out the J Crew resume dress or any other dresses with a similar hemline!


My office is fully business formal and I have a black blazer, some button downs, and a pair of black trousers, but do dresses count as business formal? Any ideas of how I can switch up my outfits would be appreciated! Also examples of what business formal dresses make the cut would be great


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