De-wrinkling dress shirts - are you on team steamer or team iron?

Personally I enjoy ironing my dress shirts as I find it therapeutic plus I like the crease that forms on the sleeves, but I tried out a steamer recently and I have to say I'm impressed.

Curious to hear your preferences.


Iron for my most formal occasions. Steamer for daily use dress shirts. Dry cleaning for suits of course. All things aside, iron is always on top.


Good question I mean it honestly all depends. Me personally I'm not expected to wear a suit in office day-to-day so I don't get it dry cleaned that often. But some occasions there will be clients coming in, important calls, meetings etc etc where we are expected to wear a suit. So I'd say I dry clean mine every 3-5 wears, all depending on how it looks. If it's super important, get it dry cleaned, the price is equivalent to like 10 minutes of work, and also throw a shirt or 2 in there, it costs nothing and will be perfect to go with your suit

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I'm offering an alternative point of view. I think people tend to dry clean their suits too often. As long as you don't have any stains or odours (or similar) and ensure to air and let your suit rest between uses, you should not have to dry clean it very often. Washing it after every 3-5 uses seems excessive to me because dry cleaning is extremely harsh on the fabrics. 


Yea fair but as an intern I really can’t afford that yet. One day I’ll be like you Mr. Bateman


Yeah I unfortunately ruined a dress shirt because of my iron. Granted it was a cheapo $50 one from Saks Fifth, but still down a white dress shirt which is absolutely critical.

Thinking of buying a steamer so it doesn’t happen again


I mostly wear vests or sweaters so wrinkly shirts are less of an issue for me ... 

However, in order to avoid the worst wrinkles, I would recommend spinning the shirts in the washing machine at a low RPM, i.e. 600 or something comparable. 
Then hang the (relatively wet) shirts for drying. This avoids most wrinkles from the get go ... 


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