One charcoal or navy blue suit. I recommend suit supply.

A couple white button downs, one or two light blue button downs. No weird patterns. Charcoal and navy slacks. Maybe could get by with khaki colored pants if in a city like Dallas that has more lax dress codes (in my experience)

Brown and black dress shoes. Maybe a couple polos for causal summer days if your bank does that. I have a lot of quarter zips I like wearing.

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Here are a handful of tips from a person who never cared about style and still only does a bare minimum to keep mine up. 

First things first.  I would recommend taking 30 mins and getting up to speed on some menswear style. Read a few articles from GQ, you don't need to spend on the outfits that they are highlighting here, but look at the styles see what's in see what's classic

Here's a couple places to start a wardrobe.  

Shirts: Charles Tyrwhitt  seems to be a great shop that a lot of people like, shirts are not crazy expensive. I would get a few white and then one with some patterns,generally stay away from blues and grays for shirts.  Link:

Pants: Bonobos is a great brand that I like, and they are about average price for pants, I would go navy and maybe a light gray for and a tan for summer : Link:…

Shoes:  Honestly,  for this I would either go Allen Edmonds or something similar. A cheaper brand I use to wear during college is Abound by Nordstrom. both are great brands and will get you through the first year of your career.  


Here are 3 tips I forgot above to make you look like you know what you are doing: 

Belts and shoes should match leathers - buy shoes first then find the belt that matches much easier this way

Socks and pants should match - always looks so much classier

Keep Accessories to a minimum in professional settings. This means watches and wedding bands for men in the office. For yourself you should have one nice tie and then a blue and red tie. By one nice tie, I would go with something from Hermes, (although I just looked and they only appear to have gotten more expense, yikes!, If I can find a better affordable tie I will link it below) It will tie better and you will feel better in it. you can go a little fun with this but keep it limited.  Additionally I would have a tie for other occasions, a dark blue for sad events, and red for more out going events. 


What are you getting so dudee'd and dollied up for?

3 deals every week & 5 dates?

Don't spend money on super expensive, unesseccary attire. Dress nicely the first few days, get a glance/feel at how everyone else is dressed, and follow "suit."


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