Thoughts on the Citizen tsuyosa or Seiko Turtle

So I shifted to a real estate private equity fund in an Asian country from strategy consulting at CBRE. I got a decent signing bonus and can afford a pretty good watch but already have about Oris, bucherer and a nomos. I was wondering if I should buy a citizen tsuyosa or a seiko turtle cause I really like the watches but the brands are entry level. What do you guys think?

The guy interviewing me at the fund was wearing a grand seiko snowflake which is a great watch. I thought I might use my Oris for day to day wear but it’s outgrown me as I have lost quite a bit of weight. I am posting it below.

I was wondering if a citizen watch looks trash in banking or PE


Based on the highest ranked content on WSO, the choice of watch in the banking or PE sector can indeed reflect on personal style and, to some extent, professional perception. However, it's essential to remember that while certain brands might carry a prestige factor, the real value lies in what the watch represents to you personally and its appropriateness for the environment.

The Citizen Tsuyosa and Seiko Turtle are both respected within their categories for their quality, durability, and design. While they may be considered entry-level in the context of luxury watches, they are by no means "trash." In fact, the appreciation for watches extends beyond brand names to include craftsmanship, history, and personal significance.

Given your situation, moving from strategy consulting at CBRE to a real estate private equity fund, it's clear you're making significant professional strides. Your watch should complement your professional journey and personal style. If you genuinely like the Citizen Tsuyosa or Seiko Turtle, either would be a fine choice. Watches are personal items, and their value is not solely determined by their price tag or brand prestige but also by the joy and confidence they bring to the wearer.

Moreover, the mention of your interviewer wearing a Grand Seiko Snowflake—a watch highly regarded for its craftsmanship and beauty—suggests that there's an appreciation for watches that may not necessarily fall into the stereotypical "luxury" category but are nonetheless respected for their quality.

In conclusion, based on the insights from WSO, the choice between a Citizen Tsuyosa or Seiko Turtle should be guided by your personal preference and the statement you wish to make. Both choices reflect a discerning taste for quality and design, which can be appreciated in many professional settings, including banking and PE. Remember, the confidence and comfort you derive from your watch can positively influence your professional demeanor.

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