Wardrobe Tips for Intern at BB

I've completed a couple of internships, but have my first in-office experience (previously have been doing remote trading and finance work) at a top BB in Chicago this summer.

Any tips to 'fit-in' by spending the bare minimum on clothes- watches, ties, suits, etc.

Am not willing to spend top dollar and am not materialistic in the slightest, just looking to fit in. Any real advice would be greatly appreciated and no I will not buy red bottoms or a Rolex with my internship salary.

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Sharkskin suit a la Sinatra seems to never disappoint. Of course, you are going to need an elephant hide briefcase. You may be able to get away with ostrich shoes, but you will probably need kangaroo. In my limited experience, I have found that the more endangered AND cuter the animals which donated their lives for your clothes, the better.

In all seriousness, Costco has decent ties and pants. Also, J. Crew has good shirts that don't break the bank.

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