What do you bring to work? (Need to buy a purse!)

Hi! I'm working IB in SF next summer and need to buy a bag (aka find a couple I like now and hope one of them goes on sale before my internship lol). I've seen posts about brands people like, but I was wondering more about size/functionality and what it actually needs to be able to hold. So, what's in your work bag? Notebooks, laptop, snacks, water bottle, makeup, and maybe shoes? Is there anything you think has been super helpful or is a must bring? and finally, what are some bags you like/recommend?

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Any paper notes, leftover fish I'm gonna want to heat up for lunch, my terminal keyboard, and my office gun (desk pops hit different during WFH).

Honestly, I use a purse that has zippy pockets (am a man) because otherwise my gun smells like fish which just messes up my vibe. Hope this helps.

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I have a tory burch leather tote and it's my favorite! It's roomy and carries everything I need (laptop, notebooks etc, even shoes if I need to). It wasnt too expensive and it's lasted a long time (4 years so far, lots of life left)!

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