Analyst II at a Top BB - Quality HF Feasible?

WSO crowd - hoping to weigh other people's perspectives here. Likely have an incoming offer at a MM PE shop growing quickly and that is probably on the more attractive end of hours/opportunities (very interesting investments). Although this could be a cool opportunity, I was pretty dead set on HFs when I started this process. Know the HF process tends to be more drawn out and on an as-needed basis, but need to weigh options at this stage. Are HF opportunities relatively not available to AN2 bankers? Are HFs looking for people with PE experience more than people fresh out of a bank (whether at end of year 1 or 2)?

Over the past year of banking have retained my interest in investing, but really reprioritized in terms of whether I am willing to waste away most of my days working long hours, so probably would be looking for something like a family office with longer-term capital and low turnover investments if I decide to reject this offer and hope something in the HF world comes along.

Thoughts? Do I have a shot? and is it more attractive than taking something on the better side of PE?

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