Are there any other funds that ''mandate vaccines'' without really doing it ?

I work at one of the biggest hedge funds in Europe. A year ago, the management encouraged us to take the vaccine by giving us little bonuses. A few months later, they mandated for everyone at the firm. All analysts took the vaccine with the exception of one dumbass, he got fired. A few PMs and executives didn't take the vaccine, including me. The firm really pushed us to get the vaccine for a couple of months, but after that they gave us ''health-pass'' for to use in stores, restaurants and airports.
Any similar experiences ?

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Whine to the people who made you take the vaccine that doesn't even stop the transmission and requires you to take multiple boosters for it to work.

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People with the regular vaccine and no booster are still far less likely to catch the disease, to be hospitalized by it, or to die from it.

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Not that I know of. The fund I'm at has policies that are real, not fake. It doesn't mean you have to agree with all of them, but it's simple, if there is a policy it is real and we enforce it and we expect people to follow it, no random person getting around it for BS reasons, that kills all the trust in a firm. If people want to argue it, I'm happy to listen and change my mind if I'm wrong. But no, we don't have essentially a bulls*** policy. 

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IMO it's not a firms job to be the vaccine police. The people who are afraid can get the vaccine and a booster and with that it should be the end of it. I don't get the point of forcing people to protect against something that affects their own body. It reminds me of all these people who like to tell other people to do with their money or life but don't live by the same principle. The biggest joke are the people who declared widely that anyone not following CDC guidelines is a heartless right winger and then when the CDC cut the quarantine to 5 days they turned around and started shitting on the CDC. 

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My firm is "requiring" boosters but never asked for documentation. Everyone I know (including me) got them but in hindsight not sure if you really had to

I'm pretty bitter about the whole thing, I had just had Covid so not only was the shot useless but my side effects were pretty bad. Makes zero sense to require now that we know it doesn't significantly reduce transmission and I'm in my late 20s so the chances of me ending up in a hospital are negligible. Fear and group think

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