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Would love to hear from people who have experience in HK buy side scene? Mostly looking for certain names of shops in the city, I am currently doing my first year at a small buy side shop and would love to gain more exposure with a larger fund. Please comment your thoughts and experiences, thanks!


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All the MM platforms (P72, Citadel, MW, BAM, Polymer, etc) have teams in HK, and they're more aggressive on hiring, so those are probably your best bet in terms of working for a larger fund. Other global funds like Och Ziff, Tiger Pacific also have people based in HK, so can try for those too.

For local funds, not really sure on the specific AuM numbers but the following are all well-known shops: Value Partners, Tybourne, Ward Ferry, Janchor, Oasis, Nine Masts, Oxbow, Snow Lake, Optimas, Zeal, Anatole, and Aspex. There are only a handful of shops with US$1bn+ in assets so as you can imagine, the number of seats available are limited. 

Having said that, there are a lot of small/mid-sized local shops (<US$500mn in assets) that have sound processes too, so don't choose based off of assets alone. Many of these funds are pretty under-the-radar, so you'll have to ask around your network or brokers to learn more. 

On the long-only side, the U.S-based Capital/Wellington/Fidelity all have HK offices, as well as the European AMs like Baillie/Abrdn/Schroders. Bulge brackets also have AM teams based in HK that manage China funds (ie. JPM, UBS etc). But talent turnover is likely even lower on the long-only side. Feel free to PM as there's only so much I want to post online. 


Thanks for the insight. A few questions.

Do these MMHF and SMHF have the same reputations in Hong Kong / Asia as they do in the US? Is Tiger Global similarly the most coveted job in Hong Kong as it is in NYC, where only BX PE kids have a likely shot? How do these US funds compare to local ones?

Second question is regarding AUM: why are >$1 billion funds so rare in Asia when there’s so much capital in the region?


Yes, especially if you're ethnically Chinese and don't speak the language. If you are white and don't speak Chinese you might be okay.


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