Learn Python? | Incoming L/S Equity Summer Analyst at Citadel/P72/Millennium

Is python a plus for an entry level fundamental L/S analyst at a big pod to have? Seems like it may take tasks of your team's hands and make them efficient? 

For perspective, I'm a current econ student at Oxford/Cambridge and have been fortunate to get an offer for one of those big 3 pods in fundamental L/S equity for a summer role. I have zero coding skills - it worth it to build a basic level of aptitude in python before I start? I'm keen to, at least in some sense, be of genuine value to the team I'm going to be in, although net I do recognise that I will be a burden. 

During the interviews, a PM said that python was something he did not have a skillset in and liked it when analysts could automate things in that way. 


Good skill especially if there isn’t a data scientist on the team, but modeling is more important t


Hello, am in a similar position too HAHA.

Agree with most that modelling seems to be the way to go. Even though I had a previous IB internship, I don’t think my modelling is good enough, so been honing that when I can.

I think if your modelling is pretty polished, always good to learn something more? Though I think effort may be better spent on pitching some stocks on your own/general reading up into companies and books. Python may not be THAT helpful as these large MMHFs have their own data science people/programmers helping out for the pods (From what I hear from Citadel and P72).

Good luck to us all!


Thanks, interesting points. I also had IB experience so in a similar boat. What resources are you using to improve your modelling?


My modelling experience has been a bit "haphazard"/all over the place in a certain sense. I started off with CFI's FMVA, but I didn't have time to finish it as was busy with schoolwork/competitions/applications (honestly a regret I didn't do so earlier). Then of course it was through general exposure, actual reps, as well as some other modelling workshops here and there. Currently I'm just taking the time to finish up the CFI FMVA course (I do have unlocked some WSO ones through writing articles for this site, so I may do them later if need), and just building models on my own. I think as you do, you definitely do get faster and you realise what you need to work on. 

Still a bit lost on the overall prepatory work (always feel I'm not ready and conversion rates for my region is quite abysmal) so am just doing my best in however way I can.


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