L/S Tiger Cub in Asia to London L/S

Hi Guys - need some advice. I've been working for a Tiger Cub HF in Asia for the past 3 years. Have previously worked in IB. I am currently pursing MFIN at LBS (not MBA). I could have made it to top m7 schools for an MBA with my profile, but given where I am at in my career, I didn't want to take a 2 year break from work (hence MFIN). From what I understand London HF ecosystem is relatively smaller when compared to US (eg: Lots of Tiger cubs in US, very few in London). Also, most people from LBS, be it MBA or MFIN, rarely crack attractive roles at single CIO L/S shops (some crack MM roles). The ones who crack the roles from business schools are currently making less than what I was making pre-masters. Do HF's in London generally pay less? Maybe MFIN was a wrong choice, but I want to now make the best of it. How do you guys suggest I go about in terms of recruiting? Should I try for summer internship or directly apply for full time roles at good HF's (mfin has flexibility for both options). I mean a full time role is the obviously ideal but I am not sure how difficult they would be to crack hence thinking of approaching people for internship. I am well trained and can pick up any geography/ sector, once I get a chance. Which would be the top funds I should apply for? I am obviously gonna talk to my ex-PM who will be able to help with a few intros but I was also thinking of making a stock pitch and reaching out to multiple people. Headhunters in London are barely responsive to candidates in b school. Please advice.

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Jun 13, 2021 - 5:55am

Like you said, the single manager L/S scene in London is much smaller, so most postings aren't advertised. Although with your experience it shouldn't be too difficult to get introductions. In terms of the internship vs full-time, I'd say try for both. Speaking from a very small sample size, it seems like more people do an internship that converts into a full-time role right away. Base will almost definitely be lower than what you were making as a 3rd year analyst. Why are you looking for an l/s role in London? I guess vs staying in your old fund or another Asian L/s, or trying for the US after the mfin

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  • Analyst 3+ in HF - EquityHedge
Jun 13, 2021 - 6:07am

Hey man! Thanks for your response. Currently I am responsible for a single country in Asia at my current fund. Wanted to move to a place where I could do broader EM. So, I've kept the Asia option open (if London doesn't work out). US just seems hard. I'd easily get an internship in the US through my current network, but it's hard to see that converting into a full time role, given the visa uncertainties. If I was doing a stem course in the US, then it would have been possible. Not sure on this one though. Would you advice interning in the US? This course gives me a 2 year visa to work in UK without a sponsorship hence was primarily looking at London.

Oct 3, 2021 - 7:58pm

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