Real Estate Hedge Fund (Groups)

Hi all - Looking to gain some insight into what working at a Real Estate specific HF or Real Estate Specific group at a HF would be like. I know this differs from REPE in terms of asset allocation, strategies, etc. But I don't know how so. Here are a few questions of mine to make things more organized:

  1. What are some names of HFs that are either fully Real Estate-focused or have Real Estate pods or groups (maybe focus on REITS? idk)
  2. What does comp look like? Can Real Estate groups have big years in which the PMs crush it and make like 10M lol. Is performance as variable as any other group year-over-year?
  3. What does life at one of these funds or groups within funds look like? Hours? 
  4. What experience(s) is/are optimal for recruiting into these funds/groups?

Thanks guys, I appreciate the help.

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Jun 30, 2022 - 9:14am
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