Where do I belong? (top-down investing)

Hello WSO,

I am a BBA student seeking advice on what to do to best enjoy my experiences as a professional investment manager in the future.

I'm almost certain that I want to end up at a hedge fund because of their commission-incentive structure, but I know that there are many different kinds of hedge funds out there. Right now, I THINK that global macro is right for me based on what I've read about it but there are probably 50 mis-perceptions I have about it as well. Basically I'm asking that based on my current investing interests (macroeconomic, top-down), is pursuing a career in global macro the right path for me?

So, I'll detail how I like to invest at the moment and hopefully some of you fellas can point me towards the right direction :)

I start my weekday mornings by taking a look at the economic calendars of the G20, the Markit Economics PMI webpage, and the Conference Board.

Then I'll browse through international business news concerning the US, Europe, Japan, China, and Emerging Markets.

I then check the news pages of the central banks (Fed, PBOC, BOJ, and the ECB) along with the IMF and WTO.

Then comes US housing, I look at the press releases by the Mortgage Bankers Association and National Association of Realtors.

Energy, I'll look at new releases by the US Energy Information Administration.

I'll then check over the iShares MSCI benchmark index ETFs of the US, China, Japan, Brazil, Emerging Markets, and the Eurozone.

Lastly in the morning, I'll read over some financial blogs to see what others are saying about the latest releases.

Then when I find some spare time throughout the day, I'll read the more in-depth publications that range from usually 50 to 150 pages by sources such as the IMF and McKinsey. I also like to research demographic data of various large economies to see the latest trends in consumer expenditures. Another thing I do is read up on the National Geographic's Knowledge Book to see what the latest developments are in every part of our lives (physics, biology, finance, law, art, music).

My current strategy is to predict possible trends in gold, treasury bonds, national ETFs (MSCI benchmark ETFs of US, China, Japan, Brazil), and industrial sectors (healthcare, internet, housing, auto, Clean Energy). When I start seeing more news and higher demand in such trends, I'll jump in to ride the wave.

Now, I understand that I won't be as well-oiled as a corporate team of specialists. I guess I do this because of how fascinating it is to try to connect the dots of the puzzle.

With that said, where do you think I belong in the hedge fund world if not the financial world? What do you call someone like me? Am I global macro or something else? What companies can you see me working at 5 years from now?

Thank you for your thoughts.

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