When a Trader gets that "aha moment!"

Recently in this prolonged bear market of epic proportion, I've been spending alot of time (wasted) trying to figure out what I need to work on most when it comes to my strategies and trading skills.  As I am human, there is of course always room for improvement, but there's also a whole lot of junk in this industry, meant to confuse and make retail traders overthink the markets.  I finally have reached a level to where, overthinking and even worse, overtrading, has led to what seems to be my only regression.  When i put in the time and stick to the proven strategies I've learned, it becomes a much easier task, as there are only a few plays that set up the best, with high volume, etc etc.  Basically, I can screen and narrow it down, then see what jumps out at me looking at just 5-10 charts.  With options, I learned to play the opening bell after the market direction presents itself, as the bounce is inevitable, and at 10am I've already either scalped $100 easy peazy, or got into a trend that i can swing for even more money.  I just need to keep reminding myself that the goal is to only trade sure shot winners, take profits and get out.  Don't hold bags out of greed.  Don't over trade out of boredom, and seperate the daily grind from the investment thesis.  Because trades aren't to be held and holds are to be traded.  So now I'm at that aha moment again.  Last time was when I figured out the market mechanics and how simple it is to trade when you have a plan.  This time I've figured out that I am my own worst enemy, not the hedge funds or the macro, or a bad earnings report, because if I only trade what I know for sure is going to play out advantageous to my strategy, then I won't waste time waiting for reversals or rebounds or the next catalyst, because as a trader, you always swing for base hits and take the occasional home run as it comes.  Cuz trading doesn't have a triple crown, average is all that matters.

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