Where can private individuals get access to average +20% returns across cycle?


Have been using this community for many years. To start with, it was a main contributor that helped me land a BB investment banking internship in London in 2017 which started off my path in finance. So thanks to everyone for a general great information sharing, good insights and the occasional solid jokes.

Since I am slowly but surely starting to build a little savings for myself, I have more actively been investigating the opportunities of how I can maximise return. For 3 years I have just been dollar cost averaging into the S&P 500 which has served me well, but am starting to think that it can be optimised.

I have discovered that several banks offer investments into tier 1 private equity funds if you are a private banking client. I am talking about the best funds that consistently have made +20% net IRR. However, becoming a private banking client is probably 5 years away for me at this point in time.

Does anyone know whether someone offers access to investments into the funds of leading private equity funds without being a private banking client? If not, which platform that provides access has the lowest threshold of becoming a private banking client? And a final question, are there any alternatives such as certain hedge funds that consistently have made these returns which would be available to private individuals?

Thanks in advance. 

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