Advice for graduating a year early

I am a summer analyst in M&A at a growing firm and did fairly well this summer so I am fairly confident about receiving a return offer.

However, I found out recently that some of my extra college credits fit into requirements that I thought I would have to take an extra semester of school for. Therefore, I am able to graduate now, instead of in the winter.

After some consideration, my preferred scenario is to finish school now, travel/spend time with family for a few months and then start FT in January (which there is precedent of in prior years).

Is this a good idea? If so, how should I bring this up with my manager? Now/after receiving the (potential) return offer?


Personally, I probably wouldn’t do that. If you tell your manager now, they might not give you a RO. If you tell them after, you probably won’t be able to just “rain check” the offer. If it’s a smaller firm and you guys are close, then go for it, but be weary as it may be perceived as lazy.


The guy above me is completely wrong. It’s like banks and all of the people in them are evil, completely unreasonable, and incredibly rigid.

The reality is, if you speak with them, they like you, they will want to keep you around. I think it’s very normal to take these kind of gap years/time off and it’s certainly not seen as lazy.

Reach out to your VP/staffing managing and ask what they recommend.


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