Advice for non target student late to the party trying to switch

Hi All!

I'm sure this topic has been explored already a few times but I wanted to reach out and see what people had to say for my specific situation. Looking for all brutal honesty and or advice/hope.

For background, I go to a small college of only 100 students, the school has one dual major: Naval Architecture & Marine engineering. It's an extremely competitive to get into college as every student gets full tuition paid and there are many other unique features like 100% job placement rate (in maritime related fields) and it's extremely strong alumni network.

However I've always been extremely interested in finance but the rigorous course work often kept me from exploring other industries so I didn't start early enough to do any summer analyst internships. I'm now in my senior year, trying to think of ways I can break into IB that do not require I spend the next couple of years working in an engineering role then getting an MBA (although this is an extremely typical route for graduates of my school).

Some things I am trying to improve my over all candidacy:
-One of the alumni offered me (and I accepted) an internship for the winter work period at a Maritime Investment Management/Fund. They manage funds but also have funds of their own.

-Undergraduate thesis (every student is required to do this): Has to be maritime related as that is the nature of the school but I'm breaking the mold a little and including economic analysis in my thesis for a shipping fleet. I'd be happy to talk about this more with anyone interested!

-Financial Edge training: Still completing it as it's time consuming in addition to my course load + thesis but I wanted to have more general knowledge of accounting & banking so I'm completing this certification.

For those wondering why I don't want to stay in engineering... The school requires we complete internships at every year during winter called winter work and while engineering is definitely interesting to a degree, the 3 internships and various jobs I've completed have shown me I'm much less interested in engineering than I thought and I find the finance behind IB (especially infrastructure/transportation IB) to be much more interesting.

I have done a bit of networking, luckily a couple of older alumni have gone into IB and have talked to me however most went the more traditional MBA route which would be nice if it wasn't such a long time line. I've also been blessed to attend some ship-finance meetings/professional society forums to gain exposure to banks involved in the infrastructure/transportation sector. But ultimately I'm not sure what my best option would be, I'm applying to a couple MSF programs to keep my options open as this might be one of the only ways for me to advertise myself as a more target candidate. I'm applying to MIT, Princeton, Vandy and Georgetown.

Ultimately where I feel I'd like to end up is gaining M&A experience in a transportation/infrastructure/energy/Sustainability group at an EB or BB but I wouldn't complain at a MM. I don't want to come off as hating my major in my final year after going through so much of a grind to get here, I find Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering extremely interesting and would love to put my knowledge of industry to use in a different way! Maritime is certainly unique, it really gives you knowledge of logistics, energy and now even sustainability as decarbonization becomes a bigger deal. Maybe I'm gaslighting myself but I feel the hard skills in engineering and work ethic my school has taught me make it more than feasible for my to thrive in the IB environment, my question is... what are my options to get there?

Sorry for the long post! Thanks everyone!

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