Books for Structured Finance

Hi, I may very well be in the wrong sub-forum, but it seems to be the most frequently read sectio, so here it goes..

Does anyone know of any good books for structured finance? I'm trying to learn more about the structuring process of different structured products and the underlying risks behind various structures in MBS, ABS, CDO and other credit derivative instruments.

Thanks a lot!

Best Response

There are two main authors in the Structured Finance category: Janet Tavakoli and Frank Fabozzi. Both have written extensively on the topics (synthetic securitization, CDOs, ABS) and consistently put out new material as the industry evolves. Tavakoli currently works with plantiffs in synthetic CDO lawsuits and speaks from the "inside" in documenting a myriad of real world situations. She covers different perspectives on CDOs (quantitative, qualitative, legal) and it helps that her writing is rather engaging and fresh, but also precise.

A succinct list our team has found helpful:

  1. Structured Finance and Collateralized Debt Obligations: New Developments in Cash and Synthetic Securitization - J. Tavakoli **IF YOU BUY ONLY ONE BOOK, BUY THIS ONE

  2. Understanding Credit Derivatives and Related Instruments - A. Bomfim

  3. Introduction to Structured Finance - F Fabozzi

  4. Credit Derivatives & Synthetic Structures: A Guide to Instruments and Applications - J Tavakoli

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