ButcherJoseph Co Reputation?

Is anyone familiar with Butcher Joseph & Co? It is a boutique bank based in St. Louis that specializes in ESOPs and mergers and acquisitions. I saw their internship listing on Handshake and went to their page, and it appears that everyone on their team is an ex-Ivy League athlete turned banker. I was curious about thoughts on the company and its overall reputation as a bank. I'm not sure if I should apply or what. Thank you so much!

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Never heard of them, despite spending quite a bit of time in St. Louis. They look to be quite heavy on ESOP work, which is monotonous and mundane. You'll get good modeling experience, but it's not exciting or interesting like M&A. 

But, the real question is - what are your other options? If you don't already have something lined up, why not apply? It's not a sketchy firm, just less known. It could provide you good enough experience to leverage to a better M&A brand.


Have spoken to a couple analysts, very chill. Many are Ivy League alum, but most played a sport (either collegiate football or hockey juniors) which promotes teamwork and a work hard play hard vibe. Analysts I have spoken to have said lots of the guys are good buddy’s outside of work and there’s quite a few happy hours sponsored by the firm. Team has been pretty busy recently and they just wrapped up interviews for summer ‘24 interns (class of ‘25).


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