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Hey guys -

Just received an offer to join a corp dev team for ~$125k  all-in comp. My initial impression was that this seemed somewhat low relative to offers that friends have received who have left banking for corp dev opportunities at similar sized companies (~$10b+ EV - NYC/CHI/LA). 

Any tips on negotiating for higher base/bonus structure? Should I ask for equity as well as part of the agreement? In terms of YOE, have ~3 years MM IB experience and I'm thinking of making the argument that I'm leaving half of my bonus on the table to join the new firm and would push for $135-140k total comp, but not sure how much weight that holds given shitty bonuses last year (was expecting bonus of ~$60-80k this year based on last year's figures). Any input is appreciated!

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NYC and LA vs Chicago can be pretty different. Is this a tech company? If in NYC/LA and tech, on the low side with 3 years of experience. 

high hopes, what's your opinion? Comment below:

$125k all-in for NY corp dev at company > $10bn EV is not competitive 

people get that in the south (Atlanta / Charlotte) 

you should not take a base pay cut in NY - overcomplicates the rent requirements at 40x without a roommate 

bonus target should be at least 15% as well

high hopes, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thanks - good to understand. What would you think the base / TC range should be? $125k+ base and ~$145k all in?

Yeah that feels ok depending on how good the benefits are. Market is tougher now and employers know that

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What are the hours? Grappling with a similar decision but with less experience in IB

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