Credit Card for IB summer analysts?

Going to preface by saying that I don't know much about credit cards so sorry if this sounds dumb- 

But... current sophomore, and I'm starting as an IB summer analyst in NYC this summer (and will be doing IB at a BB junior summer). I was looking to get my first credit card but unfortunately don't have a credit score at all in the US. Does anyone have any recs for a starting credit card? What's kind of the "highest level" CC you can get just starting off in an IB job?


Chase amazon visa, walk into a branch cuz they can override the requirements when they like you. Seem polished and impressive. You’ll build a strong relationship w chase for future rewards cards, get good benefits bc obviously you shop at amazon, and you’ll keep the card forever cuz it has no annual fee and can be used as a travel card where they don’t take amex


honestly my first card on my 18th was the freedom flex, which i found was fine, but i never use anymore (quarterly categories haven’t been too useful for me). It has very little utility for me now since I use amex gold for dining/groceries and apple pay with the apple card for everything else. With that setup, the only other card i use is the amazon one. Doesn’t really answer your question bc idk much abt the rise but that was my logic

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I got a Discover Student Card when I was 18. Was good for the 5% cash back in different categories.

Got an Amex Cash Magnet card next. Was only 1.5x cash back so not the best, but I was young and thought having an Amex was cool.

Got the Amex Green next because I liked Amex and the Clear credit was nice. Also get points on all travel including the subway so I still use it for the subway in NYC. Will probably upgrade this to the Platinum someday. The Chase sapphire preferred is probably a better alternative to the Green. 

Amex Gold next which I use the most. dining and groceries are a huge expense for me.

Then I got the BILT card because it's kind of a no brainer to get points on Rent.

If I were you I'd just get a good simple no annual fee cash back card that earns the cash back from categories you actually spend money on. Check out the NerdWallet website and you can compare different cards. 


If I want to get the chase sapphire preferred someday do you think it'll be better to get one of the chase entry cards rather than a discover?


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