Not sure I understand the question. You remove the net debt which by default also includes interest bearing debt.

Leases can also be in the debt but they are mostly included already in the company’s debt stack since the accounting regulations changed in 2019 i believe.

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Define "finding the debt", I'm assuming you mean that you got an EV from a DCF using unlevered FCF (i.e. FCF that considers both equity and debtholders), and now you are backing out of the rest of the capital structure, so essentially everything that is not equity, in order to get to equity.

Do not understand your "does it have to be interest bearing" do you mean does your debt have to be interest bearing? No, not at all, even debt without interest (perhaps a zero coupon bond?) would be considered in your EV, so you'd have to extract that out of the capital structure in order to reach equity. 

Honestly, this is an unclear question, may you please elaborate?


No you need to be consistent. You can’t use less than for one and more for the other. It leads to inconsistencies. Might not make a huge difference but it’s always better doing it like that.


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