2nd casualty of BofA, 25 yo credit trader

The issue has crossed the atlantic and the chinese wall. 25yo credit trader in London, Adnan Deumic, died after a heart attack. EMTs were unable to resuscitate, Adnan was proclaimed DOA. This is horrific, heads need to roll.


2 deaths in a month. With the number of employees at each firm across the street and the ridiculous hours worked per week, this makes me wonder what the real number of casualties is across the sector


BofA London also had an IBD intern die 10-15ish years ago. Which is why their intern programme is now capped at 10pm hours and conversion is 90+%.

Just shows banks actually can make a change if they wanted to


It's a good question. I am familiar with an ex banker that had to quit due to a serious medical scare that was stress-related in his late 20s (sustained a training injury while working out that led to some cardiovascular issues where he eventually got a medical workup / was told he had some alarming results for someone his age). He quit soon after.

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You're a disgrace. A young man has just had his life taken away from him and here you are licking boots to be BoA's certified little bitch. He was a real person with friends and family. And when did trading become a walk in the park job? It is known for its intensity and high-stress. The bank is responsible for maintaining an adequate working environment for ALL its employees. Two deaths at the same bank in one month? There's clearly a problem. 


Do you not see a correlation between banking hours/culture and the increased risk of cardiac arrest? Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. Just because it happened when he was playing sport doesn't mean that was the sole causative factor - he (and all of us) have years of stress/sleep deprivation clogging up our coronary arteries.


Literally know someone who was advised by their doctor to quit because of how bad his lab results were after 1-2 years in banking (in addition to a medical scare that could have been a life changing disability if it was more severe). Was in his mid-late 20s and didn't have any other notable health issues before. Left for a less stressful finance job. 


The only reason these deaths are being talked about in tandem is that it's the same bank.  Which, to anyone with a brain, is a coincidence.  

But now you're on about the general stress of all finance jobs, which obviously eliminates any relevance of both deaths being BofA employees.  Which, again, is the only reason we're here talking about them together.

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I’ll chalk it up to people not being aware of the cases. What really blows my mind is that mainstream media won’t touch this conversation. Millions of people dead around the world from a man made virus and millions more expected to die from the vaccines alone and not a peep from our “journalist” class. Look into the work of Bret Weinstein that’s covering this


Can’t believe how many people here are blaming football on his death. How many people have you known to play football? How many died suddenly from cardiac arrest? I know well into the 100s and maybe 1000s and none have ever died from cardiac arrest or even known someone for that matter who died from cardiac arrest. Yet, in two month we have two different people from the same bank regardless of position died from cardiac arrest and one of the causes of it is stress. Meanwhile exercise (something both had in wealth) is actually known to reduce heart attack likeliness.

I’m not saying it’s guaranteed but if you believe that football is the cause but you refuse to believe that stress could cause it then I believe you are refusing to look at it from an unbiased eye due to the fact that sometimes the truth is hard to swallow.


You know what’s even crazier . . a guy has a cardiac arrest in a soccer game and people think it was caused by his trading job.  And why? Because another guy from the same 200,000 employee bank, doing a totally different job on the other side of the world, also died.  


Oh boy let me guess next your gonna tell me that people get cancer from reading books 😂😂. For someone who has doctor in their name your a really bad doctor.


Job vs Work culture lol what’s the difference between a plumber and a welder if they are both required to work 16 hours a day and if they make one mistake they will be treated like shit? Oh, I guess the job doesn’t matter weird lol but with your logic since they aren’t in the same country it’s completely different.


Fabrice Muamba and Christian Eriksen spring to mind as professional footballers who had heart issues, James Taylor on the cricket front had them too... Until we know more, chances are the BoA trader had an undiagnosed (likely genetic) heart issue that tragically flared up at a work social involving football. Sad, but not exactly linked to stress from work.


Now this I could see being possible. No one just drops dead from playing a sport actually it’s usually the opposite. However, I have seen people not know about heart conditions and die playing sports sadly. 


Never been able to understand why this forum, which literally exists to enable young people to find out more about breaking into the finance industry, has become a platform for those same young people, none of whom yet work in finance, to berate anyone who suggests that the guy might just have died playing soccer and not because he worked at BofA and because someone thousands of miles away doing a completely different job also died. Sad nonetheless, obviously. 


It’s tragic but it happens - I lost two good friends in their 20s from heart attacks. Neither worked in the finance industry. Both were later found to have generic heart problems. 

In this case, I know some of the particulars as one of my juniors was his friend and I had to approve some time off for them to process / recover. He died playing football in a team with his colleagues at a tournament. Was a quant who was unlikely to have been exposed to the worst work practices of the industry (which I am not condoning). It was a close knit team and his colleagues are devastated. 


I honestly think this is somewhat bad luck / tragic coincidence (in the context of Leo’s death)

Did the stress and hours of this particular guys job contribute to him having a heart attack playing soccer? Maybe….

Would the possibility that his job contributed to his death be discussed if he was a small business owner working long hours under stress (eg running a bakery or something)? Idk…


Yes, I agree. I think that Leo’s death was almost definitely work-related; to argue that working 100+ hour weeks consecutively and dying of a blood clot at 35 are completely unrelated and coincidental defies all logic. We’re probably never going to know the full story, however, as the main actors here — BofA and the heavily lobbied NYC — are going to do all they can to cover up.

However, Adnan’s death, while absolutely a tragedy and anomaly, cannot be linked as clearly to exploitative conditions. The New York Post reported that he worked ~11-12 hours daily under high stress conditions, which, while not “easy” per se, isn’t in the “major health risk tier” of work life. There was likely some other factor at play.


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