Looking to raise a Billion Dollar Fund - College Junior

Hey guys, I know that the title may sound pretty 'extreme' (to the ordinary person), but I'm 100% serious and committed to this. For reference, I'm a rising junior at WHYP and am an incoming SA at CVP/PJT RSSG/GS TMT/RBC M&A. I plan to renege on my SA offer in order to raise a minimum $1bn fund by my senior year so I can begin my hedge fund career as a fresh graduate. 

To be frank, I think that I might close my fund off to the 'public' quite soon because I anticipate returning ~60% yearly, so I only want the highest quality LPs. I currently run a PA of ~$350k and have returned ~63% annualized over the last 2 years. 

Any advice on how I can achieve my goal is appreciated, and if you're interested in investing, let me know. 


Bumping, also facing the same issue

You’re the OP. 💀


Hi LowCaliberTalent, I really appreciate the advice, especially since you're 6'2+ and ex. CVP/RBC & Wharton like myself! I'll definitely message you to get started with my hedge fund. 


Well you don't need a lot of capital. Maybe reach out to alumni and raise the first few million, and put some of your own capital to align incentives. Once you return 60%+ for a few years you'll start easily raising capital. Ken Griffin also started his hedge fund as a junior at Harvard so there's a precedent.


It’s clear you don’t know anything about hedge funds. I am one of the best investors in the world due to my superior returns. This, coupled with my elite pedigree, warrants a $1bn raise.


Given your impressive resume at RBC and all the mandates you must be winning, I wouldn't hesitate to slide you a light billy 


Hey! I’ve been down your path before, here’s some advice that I would give:

1. Network! Some of my best connections came from giving people my 80+ slide pitch in the McDonalds drive thru where I work at. If not that, holding a cardboard sign at your local intersection will be sure to show prospective investors your “drive”!

2. Get friends and family involved. I used most of my grandfathers will money on sales courses, and even though I was playing bloons TD the entire time, it changed my mindset so much! I now wake up at 1pm instead of 3:30pm.

3. As a large language model built by OpenAI, I cannot fulfill your request. Please try re-wording your request, or see our terms of use here.

Good luck out there!


You obviously haven't read the post if you're commenting this. I go to Wharton and am an incoming SA at CVP/RBC/PJT RSSG/GS TMT, all while maintaining a phenomenal track record. Your comment reeks of ignorance. 


no gives a f if you went to Harvard and graduated with 7.0 GPA and top internships, no right investors are throwing even millions at an intern. 

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